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Your Perfect Guide to Birthday Party Planner – 100+ Awesome Ideas To Inspire You

birthday party ideas

When it comes to birthday parties, the ideas are limitless. Keeping the person in mind that the party is being thrown in honor of, you can come up with unique and exciting ideas that will ensure that everyone invited will have a great time while making memories to be enjoyed for years to come.

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, make sure the birthday themes that you choose are something that fits with the person’s style and likes. Whether the person is young or young at heart, let them know how much you care for and appreciate them by giving them a party in which careful thought and detail has been given to every part of the experience.

Are you still struggling for the perfect party ideas, this birthday blog has great ideas for any ages along with suggestions for decorations, games and helpful tips that you can use when planning your next party. Find an idea and run with it. Make your party unique and special incorporating the theme into every aspect including decorations, games, party favors and invitations.



A birthday party theme is used and even incorporated into the activities of the party. Most children will insist upon their favorite cartoon character, princess or sport. Take their idea and run with it. Be creative and search out unique ideas that will make their party special. Here we have top 10 birthday party ideas for both girl and boys.

For Girls

For Boys

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For teens and adult party, we have several milestone parties suggestions for you to throw a party to remember. There are many fun and wild birthday parties to inspire you with some general birthday theme ideas which you can apply in your milestone party:

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Whether the party is being thrown for an adult or child, birthday party decorations can set the mood and atmosphere for the entire event. Decorations can be homemade, professionally created or somewhere in between. We have some great decorations ideas to make your party stand out in the minds of guests:


  • There are many children’s birthday party places that offers kid friendly games and activities, such as Chuck E Cheese, McDonalds and other indoor party venues. Children’s birthday parties can also be held at home or at a local park. These two options will give you a little more freedom in the decorating department. We got great tips and help you decide which one is best for you
  • We have submission page where you can share your birthday party. Write to us and get your story featured in this blog.
  • Teenage birthday party often require fun party games. We have many lots of teenage birthday party games ideas to cheer up your party
  • For younger children, you will want to incorporate games and activities based on your theme to ensure the little ones doesn’t get bored. Scavenger hunt and doing art and crafts are the most activity that children love
  • Have the birthday cake made to go along with the theme so that you can use it as a focal point and a large part of your decorations. See our birthday cake recipes to make your own
  • Sharing your theme with an invitation that expresses what the party will be all about. Additional requirements that the guests should know about ahead of time should also be included. Don’t forget an RSVP notation if you need a final headcount to give to any vendors or for food preparation. Check out our guide to party etiquette
  • Homemade invitations for birthday parties are easy to make. We have lots of birthday crafts coming up next year
  • Occasionally, we will give free party invitations printable for our loyal reader. Please tweet us or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay update with our fun posts and giveaway.

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