13th Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 30, 2012

A 13th birthday party can be difficult to get right as it marks that start of your teenage years and so you probably want to move away from the more childlike cartoon based parties with traditional games like musical chairs.

Here are a few theme ideas that are not too childish but not too adult either:

Masquerade ball

Invite your guests to come dressed in gowns, suits and masks so that they remain anonymous and everyone can have a dance without feeling embarrassed. You can hire a DJ or have some entertainment like a magician or fortune teller and for food, you can have an all you can eat sweet factory or ice cream buffet.

Ghost theme

You can make your house or venue into a haunted house and have the guests go through as they come in alone or in twos (depending on how brave they are feeling). They can then have their faces painted like a ghost, witch or vampire and everyone can watch a scary movie together (or even watch Casper to relive childhood times).

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Choc & Glam Party

Get a nail technician or beautician to come to your house and do nails, hair and/or makeup for you and your guests (you may even be able to have a chocolate facial!). Tell your guests to wear something glamorous so they all look done up then you can all go shopping. When you get back home, you can have more people over and have a chocolate fountain and everything else chocolate (after getting the parents to go upstairs). Finally, you can watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory while eating chocolate covered popcorn and then either have your sleepover or bid your guests goodbye.


Karaoke Party

Hire a karaoke machine and decorate the room with disco balls and fairy lights (you can also get flashing ones). You can have a stage area by placing a rug under some spotlights with a silver shower curtain on one side so the singers can come on it style. Have a dressing up box behind the curtain so that they can come out with a wig, funky glasses or feather boa on to match their persona. Start off with a group song like YMCA to warm everyone up and create a song book beforehand so that guests can choose what they would like to sing – they can write them on note cards and hand them to you near the beginning so that you can briefly organize a playlist and they do not have to wait too long between songs. Lastly, you can hold an award ceremony and give out prizes for best song, crowds’ favorite song, best impersonation, most enthusiastic performance and wackiest song choice.

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And what’s your 13th Birthday Party Ideas?

13th Birthday Party Ideas

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