14th Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 19, 2012

14th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys and Girls

Achieving the perfect 14th birthday party can be a bit tricky as your child is now too old for a traditional ‘cake and musical statues’ kind of party as s/he is now a teenager. There are many ways that you can have a party that is a balance without it being too adult and still fun.

The most common ideas for a 14th birthday party are have a dance party where you hire a DJ, a sleepover with a scary movie/pamper party or going out either to a restaurant, movie, paintballing, bowling or laser-tag.

We however, like our birthday parties to be memorable so our preference is to have a theme party i.e. Baftas, or our personal favorite – a Hawaiian theme.

14th Birthday Party Invitations

You can find many different images of suns, hula skirts, hula girl outlines etc on the internet that you can type the venue details on or you can make it look like an airline ticket with a one way ticket to Hawaii for the weekend.

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14th Birthday Party Decorations

To decorate the room, welcome the guests with a ‘Welcome to Hawaii’ sign and greet them with Aloha and a badge/sticker with their name in Hawaii for example Peter is Pika and Kate is Keke (you can find a name translator at hawaiianring.com). Decorate the room with paper lanterns hanging from the walls or ceiling, tie netting so that it hangs from ceiling and hook seashells and starfish in it to add to the holiday and beach effect. Scatter beach balls and umbrellas on the floor and play Hawaiian music in the background.

Activities for 14th Birthday Party Ideas

Play beach games like volleyball, limbo or hula hooping. Also you can have an activity table where the guests can decorate cheap flip-flops using ribbon, glitter and jewels or use artificial flowers to make headpieces and take this home as personalize favors.

14th Birthday Party Ideas Food:

Stick with the exotic beach theme and have colorful drinks with paper cocktail umbrellas, fruit kebabs, Hawaiian pizza and mango, pineapple and coconut chunks.

14th Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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