16th Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 29, 2012

8 Creative 16th Birthday Party Ideas

When a child reaches 16, this is their first real age of maturity and so they and their guests expect something that is different from the childish cartoon-themed parties where everyone plays musical statues and pass the parcel.

If you are looking for ideas to make your sweet 16th birthday party different from the normal prom, dance or pink party then…..

Here are a few ideas to make your “Sweet 16″ party one to remember:

Spa Party

This theme works better when you are inviting a few select guests. You could rent a hotel suite for one night for the birthday girl and her friends and decorate it to look like a spa (be careful with candles as they may set off fire detectors/sprinkler systems).

Have separate spa stations for manicures, pedicures, massage and facial, serve virgin daiquiris/pina coladas and play Hawaiian or Caribbean music to set the relaxing mood. Alternatively, you could have a spa party at home have the girls give each other shoulder/neck massages, manicures, pedicures, henna, temporary tattoos and hairstyles.

Hollywood Party

Send out VIP invites to your guests informing them they are being invited to the biggest event of the year. Decorate by having a red carpet leading to the house and hanging up Hollywood posters around the room. Put the flash on your camera so you can be the paparazzi as they walk up the carpet and hand out miniature Oscar statues to the best dancer, best dressed etc.

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Scavenger Hunt Party

This theme always works well and guests love competing to try and complete the hut first. They need to work together to solve the clues and get the birthday girl/boy back home to get their big present whilst collecting small prizes like candies along the way. You can ask neighbors to help by giving clues or pointing the players in the right direction.

Sports Party

This idea is fun for either a girl or boys party. Send invites which look to your biggest fans which look like sporting event tickets. Decorate the venue so that it looks like a stadium and add sporting items like footballs, tennis rackets etc to complete the sporty look. Ask your guests to come dressed in sporty attire and play games like flag football, shoot the basketball through the hoop, sports trivia and you could have an obstacle course.

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Glow in the Dark Party

Another theme idea that’s ideal for both genders is to have an evening dance party with a pre-prepared playlist of the birthday teen’s favorite songs. With the guests all wearing glow in the light up sunglasses, gloves, mouthpieces or glow sticks, you can create a fun, electric atmosphere. Ask friends to come wearing clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty so you can spray them in glow in the dark paint when they arrive.

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Bubble Bath Party

This fun theme is great whether you are male or female. You can ask guests to come in their dressing gowns or make them wear a shower cap as they enter. Some DJ’s can come with a bubble machine or you can rent or purchase one from your local party store.

Decorate with see-through or frosted white balloons (which look like bubbles), have blue tablecloths with bubble-shaped confetti scattered on it and place rubber ducks on the tables as center pieces. As favors, the guests could take home the ducks (which you could write ‘your name’s’ Sweet 16’ on with marker pen), inscribed soaps or travel sized bubble bath bottles.

Diamonds and denim

This original contrast is great as it breaks up the girly diamond theme. Guests can be invited to come dressed in denim and bling which most people already have and you can present them with cheap costume jewellery as they enter to glam them up even more (which they can keep as favours).

You can play songs like Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’, Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’, Prince’s ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ and Herb Alpert & Janet Jackson’s ‘Diamond are a Girl’s Best Friend’. You do not have to spend too much as you can spray paint things like paper towel rolls to make cheap napkin rings and have denim tablecloths with inexpensive jewels stuck onto the sides and on the bases of drinks glasses.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party IdeasMiley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana 16th birthday party in Disneyland

Harry Potter Party

Everyone loves Harry Potter and it is a great excuse for everyone to come dressed up. You can send out Wizard Maps with frayed, rounded edges or written in invisible ink (found in most craft stores). Decorate the room to look like the Great Hall at Hogwarts School, put glow in the dark stars and moons on the walls and give everyone lightening tattoos for their foreheads and/or Harry Potter glasses. Serve snacks in cauldrons and provide multi-colored drinks (magic potions) in plastic goblets.

so what’s your 16th Birthday Party Ideas?

16th Birthday Party Ideas

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