30 fun and memorable 18th birthday party ideas

by admin on July 29, 2012

Here are 30 fun and memorable 18th birthday party ideas to inspire you into creating the party of your dreams:

  1. Set a theme like a Disney, Hollywood, Pyjama or School Uniform party,
  2. Have a garden party (you could have a picnic or a more ‘posh’ do with sandwiches and tea in china cups),
  3. An Ann Summers party,
  4. A diva party where everyone comes dressed as a famous diva,
  5. A kids party where you play pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs and eat retro sweets and jelly and ice cream,
  6. An outdoor barbeque party,
  7. A car party where you can watch a car based film or cartoon (like Disney’s Cars or Fast and Furious), decorate the venue like a race track, come dressed as car racers and play remote controlled car racing games,
  8. Rent out some sumo suits or a bouncy castle,
  9. A pool party at your local swimming pool if they allow you to hire it out,
  10. An outdoor Shisha pipe party,
  11. Hire a caricaturist, temporary tattooist, fortune teller, magician or entertainer and base your party around this event,
  12. A Limo party where you take your closest friend with you on a Limousine ride which ends at the cinemas, shopping centre or restaurant,
  13. Twilight Party based on the popular TV series with fangs, props and Red Velvet cupcakes),
  14. Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party,
  15. Cupcake baking party where the best looking cupcake wins a prize,
  16. Movie night and/or slumber party,
  17. Wild West party (Western based so lots of sheriff badges, horses and cactus)
  18. Carnival or funfair party with lots of games stalls like hook a duck, coconut shy etc and food like candy floss, popcorn and toffee apples,
  19. Naughty fairy tale party where your guests can interpret childhood favorites into a more adult context,
  20. Bonfire Party,
  21. Scavenger Hunt Party,
  22. Spa Party,
  23. Neon Party – where the guests wear neon colors and glow in the dark items like watches, sunglasses, face paint etc and dance with glow sticks in the dark,
  24. Bring-a-dish party where the guests cook/bring their signature dish and eat together (or even keep them anonymous and give marks out of 5 if you are very close friends),
  25. Cross-dressing party where the girls come dressed as boys and vice versa,
  26. Prom style party
  27. Casino Party where the boys come dressed as gangsters and the girls in their best dresses and then play roulette, bingo etc.
  28. Party at a favorite restaurant like a Sushi place,
  29. Horror Party or a
  30. Hippie Party.
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I think it’s now your turn to share your own 18th Birthday Party Ideas, don’t you think so?

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