1st Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 20, 2012

1st Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for examples: Buy red paper plates and stick on white cotton wool balls for eyes or white circles with googly eyes. Stick on a mouth and nose and to complete Elmo’s face. On the back of the plate, stick on a piece of paper with details of the party like the venue, time, if it’s fancy dress (in red perhaps) etc.

1st Elmo Birthday Party Decorations

This birthday theme is quite easy to decorate as the main colors is red which is broken up by splashes of white and orange which are colors that are quite common for party ware. Alternatively, you can stick to primary colors (red, yellow, blue and green) as both color schemes will be visually stimulating for curious one year old.

You can create a colorful venue by draping the brightly colored fabrics around the room and sticking up contrasting balloons and printouts of Elmo and his favorite things.

1st Elmo Birthday Party Food Ideas:
  • As Elmo loves bananas, you can make a banana smoothie or chocolate covered bananas (on lolly sticks) which will tie in with your theme perfectly as will mini Babybel cheese that come in red packaging that you can stick eye, nose and mouth stickers on to create mini Elmo’s.
  • Put out bowls of goldfish crackers to tie in with Elmo’s pet goldfish Dorothy.

Elmo 1st Birthday Party Supplies:

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1st Elmo Birthday Games

  • You can play ‘Elmo Says’ which is the same as the game ‘Simon Says’ so you tell the children ‘Elmo says…clap your hands’ or Elmo Says…hop on one leg and the children follow your instructions.
  • As an activity table, you can have some red play dough with a variety of cookie cutters, plastic dough knives and rolling pins – this will keep them busy for ages!
  • Pin the Nose on Elmo – Print out or draw a large picture of Elmo without a nose or with a nose outline. Pre-prepare orange nose stickers with each child’s name on them in small lettering. The children are then blindfolded and must try and get the nose on as best as they can. The child with their nose closing to the outline wins.

1st Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

1st Elmo Birthday Party Favors

For favors that the guests can take home, you can print out coloring pages from the internet and staple them together or hoe punch and tie with red ribbon so they have an Elmo coloring book.

There are also lots of Elmo novelty items available like straws, bouncing balls, whistles etc that you can hand out (see birthdayinabox.com) but bear in mind their age range when purchasing as 1 year old may not appreciate/enjoy Elmo tattoos etc.

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Free template for Elmo birthday party invitations:

elmo birthday party

Elmo Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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