21st surprise birthday party ideas for your friends

by admin on June 25, 2012

Why plan a 21st surprise birthday party for your friends? because it is a really special occasion. They are allowed to do almost anything they want (within the confines of the law of course) and that calls for a big party!

Let’s say your friend is a guy, what kind of party would he want? Something that always hits the spot and is quite easy to do is to hold a beer tasting party.

21st surprise birthday party Themes

That can be done with a number of different themes. You could just host a regular hang-out with the guys and buy a lot of different brands of beer and then vote which one is the best or you could put a bigger twist on it.

Buy only German beer, and buy a Tyrolese hat for everyone and you have a basic Oktoberfest-party! If you want to go all in; buy the whole clothing set with lederhosen and the like. Serve German sausages and schnitzel for dinner.
Buy only Irish/English beer and get everyone to dress in green and you have a St. Patrick’s Day party!

If you do not want to host a party for your friend at home, you should really consider just going to a bar with your friends. That will be much more fun if you “kidnap” him

when he doesn’t expect it and drive him to a bar or night club. You can give him some challenges. For example, try to visit 21 bars in one night (to make it harder, make him chat up one girl at each of the places you go to).


For girls, you should usually think of something else, although girls might as well enjoy a beer tasting party! Maybe you should try a wine tasting instead. You can sort different wines after what country they are from and then decide what country has the best wines at the end of the night. Another good idea for something to with your friends is going to a spa and/or get a makeover.

Of course, girls can also choose a night out, that’s always popular!

21st surprise birthday party

Guys and girls than want a calmer and more relaxed celebration should look up some good 5 star restaurant in town and go there with some close family or friends to just eat, drink and have a nice time. That is an ever popular choice.
Of course you should buy the food for the birthday boy or girl. Maybe buy some spectacular dessert for them as well.


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