40th Birthday Cake Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

by admin on June 25, 2013

They say life begins at 40 so it is just right to accentuate the celebration with a birthday cake.

It’s very easy to think of ideas for younger celebrators but for someone who is turning 40, their birthday cake must be something that they have never had in their 40 years of existence.

You really don’t need to have the creative hands and mind to present the cake differently. All you need is to know how you want the cake to be presented, and then the rest will just follow.

Certainly, there are 40th birthday cake ideas available that you’ve never heard of.

  • Try to do something unusual and unexpected. Round cakes are still in but since the celebrator is turning 40, why not try to have an exaggerated size for a round cake? Something that will fit to a round table. Instead of the usual number 4 and 0 candles, literally place 40 candles that the celebrator will blow off one by one.
  • Add some humor in the cake. Cakes can’t be serious all the time so go beyond the usual stuff by making the cake not only funny but hilarious. Try to make a joke about the menopausal stage. Picture something in mind that will suggest that the celebrator is nearing that period in his or her life.
  • Pick the perfect message. How about writing “What the F***?!” in the cake then underneath the big WTF letters, write something like “Who’s turning forty?” 40th birthday cake ideas are not really as hard as you think as long as you have an open-mind to entertain every possible options.
  • Go for the hobby angle but make it realistic. Example, if the celebrator loves to go fishing, you can either place a real fish on top of the cake (choose a smaller one) or a fishing rod. If the celebrator loves football, then put a real football on top.
  • The head topper. Make this different by choosing the celebrator’s oldest pic as the topper and place some caption where you will say “that’s how you like when you were younger”. This can definitely be a surprise because that person is not expecting to see a look back on how he or she looks when he or she was younger.
  • Present a cake that will drive a change in behavior or attitude using a cake topper. If you see that the person is gaining weight, you can place a rubber shoes cake topper and let the person guess what you are trying to imply.
  • It is already given that most would choose to color the cake with the celebrator’s favorite color but make a difference and the bold decision to use the color that the celebrator does not like. It’s time to capture some unexpected facial expressions so make sure that your camera is ready!

40th Birthday Cake Ideas

Parties are supposed to be fun and the cake is the centerpiece that binds the occasion. There are many 40th birthday cake ideas but most organizers would choose to go the traditional way by doing exactly how the celebrator would want it.

Remember, those birthday celebrators have been receiving the exact same thing for 39 years and since turning 40 is considered a milestone, give them something that is new – something that they have never had or experienced before, give them a “first time” at age forty.

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