50th Birthday Party Games

by admin on July 26, 2012

Spark Your Birthday with These 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas.

The children’s birthday parties which are most successful are those which are full of activities (and food!) and who says this fun must end at 50?

You can have fun reminiscing and reliving those great childhood experiences and your grownup guests are sure to have fun and enjoy being given the chance to play children’s games again (with adult prizes of course – a stuffed toy or lollipop may not do anymore!)

List of 50th Birthday Party Games we listed below is our favorite. We love the idea of playing olden games with funny old names which will definitely get a chuckle or two, such as:

  • Pin the Toupee on the Bald Guy
  • Draw a large head on a big piece of cardboard/poster board. Using normal paper, cut out shapes that look like a toupee (and to make it extra effective, colour them in to make them look like hair. This is a very common game which everyone is sure to remember how to play and your guests will love your take on it.

    50th Birthday Party Games

  • Spin the Bottle of Champagne
  • The player who wins can take the bottle home as their prize.

  • Musical Recliners
  • This game is fun for players and watchers alike! Play the popular game whilst playing children’s music that was popular 45 years ago and it is sure to bring back memories.

  • Hide and Go Pee
  • Sag! You’re it!

games for 50th birthday party

You can also play other common party favorites (with more traditional names!) like:

The Price Is Right

For this game you need at least five players. Give each contestant a pen and paper then ask the prices of items which were commonly sold during the year that the honouree was born. Those who guess correctly each get given 5 points and any with close guesses get one point. The person with the most points at the end wins a small prize (maybe an item that you got them to estimate). The game can be played individually or as teams to create more rivalry / fun.

Trivial Pursuits

For this game, you need to prepare questions about the guest of honour which the attendees need to answer to see how well they know him/her. Questions should be of varying difficulty so all guests can participate and you can get the birthday girl/boy to help so that there are a few answers that are not common knowledge. The player with the most correct answers wins a prize.

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50th Birthday Party Games

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