60th Birthday Party Themes

by admin on November 28, 2012

Elegant 60th Birthday Party Themes To Celebrate Life – The 60th birthday party is expected to be memorable as it is considered a milestone attained by reaching this age. If you want to plan for someone, you should put this into account if success is to be attained.

Most of the people at this age have just retired therefore they are reaping benefits from their provident and pension funds.

60th Birthday Party Themes Ideas

60th birthday party themes

Beach birthday party theme; this is a theme that creates a beach atmosphere. It doesn’t really require one to go to the beach, though it would make the party even better, but one can decorate the party premise to portray the beach. Colorful decorations usually yellow table cloths, red curtains, palm trees or leaves just but to name a few.

Over the hill theme; this is a theme that is meant to be outgoing. The outdoor event that fancies and excites the celebrant would definitely be the best suited for this theme. It can be a hiking trip, boat rowing or a favorite sport that the celebrant was engaged in during his or her young years.

Costume theme; this party can integrate the use of costumes while gracing the event. The people invited can be asked to come with different costumes so as to make the party look overwhelming and wild.

60th birthday invitation ideas

This should be done in a fancy way. 60th birthday party themes are characterized by fun and being wild therefore the cards or style of invitation should outlay this. Party information, venue, start time and RSVP addresses should be placed.

The front cover headline should be catchy and enticing. Example would be “sexy sixty”, “Wild six-ties”.

Invitation is not restricted much in regard to an older person. All can be invited though emphasis should be on the family members and close friends; work mates, former classmates, spa mates or shopping mates if it’s a lady’s party.

60th birthday party decorations ideas

As explained earlier, this is a wild and age full of energy as it’s like a transition point. Therefore a colorful decoration outlay would suit well 60th birthday party themes. Coconut shells placed around the house would create the outgoing beach atmosphere required.

Balloons could also be used of different colors like silver, red or yellow. These will illuminate the party premise.

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60th birthday party games activities

Activities that are of a vibrant energetic in nature would fit the occasion well. These could include:

    • Pass the coconut; this is a game whereby people gather in a circular formation and start passing coconut around while music is on. When the music is paused, the one holding the coconut is forced to enter the circle and perform a dance or sing. It would create excitement in a profound way.


    • Memory trivia; since at 60 years, the celebrant has been in a lot of family activities in the past, he or she can be used as the leader of this game whereby people are asked various family events that occurred. People may be placed in groups to enhance competitions.


60th birthday party food

Delicacies which are wild and outgoing such as sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, fruit salads, chips and assorted juices. Basically junk foods will qualify in this 60th birthday party themes. Chocolates and ice cream would also fit in as deserts.

Music selection should be one that is not dull but energetic. Dancehalls, riddims and hard rock songs could be the center of the theme.

60th birthday party themes are usually wild, exciting and fancy to attend therefore the planner should be careful and well calculative not to create boredom in the party.

60th birthday party ideas

60th birthday party decoration ideas

A Vintage theme with white, black and yellow color makes this party stunning. I love the way the color coordinate each other and very neat in details. Visit the blog to see more pictures

60th birthday ideas

A charming orange color theme, with the idea of vintage style vase. Added memories with old photo tapped into the vase plus a sparkle candle. What a birthday! see more details here

60th birthday party ideas

A great birthday presents with full memories and a few tears from the birthday man. There are 60 mails and each mail contain a memory from family, friends and neighbor towards the man. click here for more details

60th birthday party theme

A Sunflower theme with black and yellow color palette. Sweet treat with sunflower cookies. This 60th birthday party themes will brighten your day.

60th birthday party supplies

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