75th Birthday Party Themes

by admin on November 28, 2012

Ideas for 75th Birthday Party Themes

One may think that since it’s an old folk birthday party, a theme wouldn’t be of great importance. That is wrong decision to make as a party is made awesome thanks to the themes selected. Birthday party themes should be carefully selected as they have a great impact on the grandpa or grandma.

Activities, themes and the whole event has to be in a manner that reminds them of their old days when they were young. This will have a great impact in terms of creating interest and happiness in them. These senior people’s birthday parties have proven a bit tricky and mind boggling as they require to be done in a respectable way.

75th Birthday Party Themes

75th Birthday Party Themes

75th birthday party themes will be based on family history, their hobbies, things that they fancy. The themes include;

Truck or tractor birthday theme – this option would be viable if the celebrant has great interest on the trucks or tractors. This theme can be any item that seems to be attached to the senior citizen (celebrant).

Home town tour theme – this is a theme whereby one may be required to hire a vehicle, preferably a limousine to create the party atmosphere and visit the celebrants hometown. This trip or tour will bring a lot of memories back to the celebrant and the invited guests. Even if the town is deserted or reconstructed, the sight of “there used to be” structure would glamor the celebrant.

Dance birthday party theme – this can be used if either the celebrant used to love dancing or fancied dancing. It would create a good experience and energetic party. This theme should not be selected if the celebrant loathed dancing as it would spoil a promising day.

75th birthday party supplies

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Invitation Birthday party ideas for 75 year old

75th birthday party themes require people to erect pictures from the old days on either the wall or just placing photo albums around. In this regard, invites will be restricted therefore few people who matter to the celebrant are the one who should be invited.

These include close friends who either studied with the celebrant or worked with him or her, family members; these aren’t restricted. Grandchildren could also grace the event even though they won’t participate more in the party’s activities.


Free 75th birthday invitation Templates:

You can download this template for free: 75th birthday invitation

75th Birthday Party Activities

Memory trivia – this is a game whereby all the family members and close friends are gathered around and family history for the case of family members or activities that the celebrant used to do in his or her young years are asked for the case of close friends. This will definitely force a laugh or a smile on the celebrants face as it will force him or her down the memory lane.

Dancing – this would create an energetic party and the floor opening dance should be for the celebrant with his or her spouse if still alive. If not, with the family members.

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These other activities will depend on what the celebrant loved doing. It could include:

    • Poker; this is a card game which requires a crowd playing on the table. This would create excitement if the celebrant was a player of the same.


    • Scrabble; This is a game that is mainly for testing one’s understanding of English words and terminologies in general.


    • Chess; this is a game that is played by two players at a time on a chess board. It has Pons, knight, castle, bishop, queen and king playing items. If the celebrant used to enjoy this, it would definitely create a fun environment.
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75th Birthday Party Foods

75th birthday party are well integrated with paleo foods. Junk foods would not blend well with this theme as it’s expected that a 75 year old can’t be a junk-aholic. A high probability is that the meal course would be vegetarian. This will also depend on what the celebrant loves eating.

As much as this is considered a tricky party to formulate, I hope that this article gives you an idea of how to make the 75th birthday party themes a success. Create a smile on the senior citizen and make him or her a proud 75 year old.

75th Birthday Party Ideas

75th Birthday Party Themes ideas

This 75th Birthday Party is ideal for a Queen. With the Queen themes ideas for 75 years old mommy, they had made their mom birthday special. click here to read more about the story.

75th Birthday Party decorations

Balloon decoration is for all ages. This is one of example of 75th birthday party decorations at Yacht club. Photos credit to: Kim A.

75th Birthday Party table decorations

If you arrange a dinner for 75th birthday party, you can have them arrange in rose. Put a bunch of rose as centerpiece and sprinkle rose petal in the table. Gorgeous! Click here to see more details.

75th Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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