80s Birthday Party Themes

by admin on November 14, 2012

Top 5 Popular List of 80s Birthday Party Themes – Was the Eighties a big time for you? Do you love everything that the eighties represented? All the big hair, awesome TV shows and bright colors? Why not go with the idea of hosting an 80’s birthday party. With this top five list of 80s birthday party themes there is bound to be something for everyone.

Made in the 80’s

With the big hair and bright colors, why not go for a Made in the 80’s birthday party as female party goers can wear perms, bright rainbow colored eye-shadow and bright purple lipstick or the men could go with a WHAM or Duran Duran outfit, the tight jeans or the leather pants – think the scene in “What a Girl Wants” movie, where Colin Firth breaks out his 80’s rock and roll look.

Cartoons in the 80’s

If you are looking for 80s birthday party themes for young adults in their 20’s -30’s , why not get them thinking and have them dress up in outfits that featured on their favourite 80’s shows. E.g. Girls can dress up as Rainbow Brite with her white unicorn Starbrite, Smurfs and Smurfettes, Jem and the Holograms, My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake.

80's Birthday Party

Supernatural in the 80’s

Looking for more ideas for 80s birthday party themes? Do your friends love the Supernatural? Why not have a Ghostbusters theme party. With this theme you can have competitions like “Who can sing the whole lyrics to the theme of Ghostbusters? Name the characters who starred in Ghostbusters and then why not rent and hire the Ghostbusters movies and have them playing in the background.
Pretty in Pink

One of Molly Ringwald’s most famous 80’s movies and one that if you ask most women who were teens in the 80’s this will rate high on their list of movies they loved. Also what female doesn’t mind dressing up in beautiful dresses? Make the setting a Prom night and have the women wearing 80’s style dresses complete with ruffles and big shoulder pads or off the shoulder dresses complete with the big sleeves.

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80s Party Ideas

One of the most popular eras for music was the 80’s, why not celebrate it by choosing as one of your 80’s birthday party themes – Music of the 80’s. Have your male party celebrants dress up as Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson, U Can’t Touch This MC Hammer or the hottest boy band members of the 80’s – Wham and Duran Duran and for the females, they can don the outfits of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper, Papa Don’t Preach Madonna or famous husband and wife team Sonny and Cher. To go with the theme of 80’s music, you can hire a Karaoke Machine or have playing on the big screen Music videos of the 80’s.


Neon is the new Black

The eighties were all about color and when I say colors, I mean Neon Colors. Bright was the in thing, none of this dull black and white that many people where nowadays. Leg warmers and bright colored tights were the thing to wear when exercising. I had an 80’s theme party for work and I ended up heading to Supre and buying a pair of hot pink tights, a long orange singlet and a peach colored small cardigan complete with bright pink nail polish and at that stage my hair was a bright blue. The room looked like somebody had exploded a can of neon graffiti paint over everybody, a sea of brightness.

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Next time you are given the role of organizing an 80’s birthday party, check out our top five lists of popular 80s birthday party themes.

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