80th birthday party ideas

by admin on June 25, 2012

80th birthday party ideas for a friend or a parent that calls for a celebration. But at 80, it might not be appropriate to go out partying at night clubs. Something calmer might be better.

Instead, a nice dinner with relatives and friends would be more suitable. You could of course just invite the family to a BBQ or something or maybe a tea party. Sit around talk old memories and bathe in the nostalgia. A cozy choice for the cozy person. That might be better for a woman though.

For a tea party, the invitations could look something like this:

80th birthday party ideasSource image: orsonprattbrown.com

As you can see, this is for a small family gathering for your mother or grandmother.

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It is a good idea to try to put a little spice on your theme. Let’s say it’s your father turning 80. You could make a slideshow with pictures of his life. Put them in chronological order and tell about the stories behind some of the pictures, it can generate a lot of laughter!

A fun thing I have done when my grandfather turned 80 is to create a quiz with questions about his life. Divide the families into teams and give them a couple of questions with different alternatives.

For example: “What did father do when his car broke down up in the mountains in 1987?”

The answers could be something like:
1. Called a towing truck.
2. Left the car and kept walking.
3. Called his sons and yelled for them to fix it.

I had this question on my granddads birthday, and the third one is actually right! Try to always make at least one of the questions a bit funny and wacky. It is the most fun when the wacky one is actually the right answer! A good laugh prolongs life!

At the end of the party, everyone should stand up and tell about their greatest memory with the person in question. They will always appreciate it. When you are old, it is good to relive some of your fond memories.

Of course you should also bake a cake for the honored person. Try to make it a bit fancy! It could look like this for example:

80th birthday party ideas

A great cake sparkling with light!

A fun thing to spice up the cake with is to bake a smaller cake in the shape of the number eighty and put on top of the big cake. Put some candles on it for more an even more spectacular creation!

80th birthday party ideas

Get 80th Birthday Party Planning Ideas in 1930s Themed

An 80th birthday party does not necessarily need to be elaborate and costly, as the recipient is highly likely to just appreciate thoughtful and simple gestures from their nearest and dearest which makes their day memorable with the people they love.

Plan a party which is simplistic yet elegant and regardless of the theme, ensure that the main focus is on celebrating a very important persons milestone.

Here are some ideas to create a nostalgic 1930’s vintage party designed to bring back some fond childhood memories:

80th birthday party Invitations

The party theme is 1930’s so use a vintage style border like the type found here and then add the party details using a not-so-modern font like Calamity Jane SF. Ask the guests to come dressed like the 1930’s (for example women could come wearing fur stoles and pearl necklaces, men with parted slicked down hair and bow ties) to really set the scene.

80th Birthday Party Planning Ideas – Decorations

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Art Deco was the in thing in the 30’s so aim to decorate using geometric, angular shapes and clean lines. Alternatively, you could stick with a simplistic black and white theme with a white draped fabric covering the walls and plant pots, tables etc cut out in black silhouettes.

Cary Grant, Coco Chanel and Al Capone were all icons from the 1930’s so you could have a little ‘Hall of Fame’ and add a picture of the birthday person to your gallery. Two other ideas that you could incorporate are Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind which were both top movies of that decade.

Play music from the 1930’s especially big bands and jazz that was famous around that era including Red Hot Peppers, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.

80th birthday party Food ideas

Tomato juice cocktails, bourbon, rye, ginger ale and Scotch Whiskey are all popular drinks from the 1930’s and you could have a punch made up of soda and fruit juice for the non alcohol/cocktail drinkers.

In the 1930’s, party hosts usually presented easy yet hearty main dishes such as meatloaf or chilli but if you are only having finger foods, salmon canapés, rolled sandwiches, sardine based snacks, mushroom toast, unshelled monkey nuts as well as poppy seed or maple meringue tea rolls. Ice cream was another popular yet simple party dish. If you are hoping to cook an old style family meal then you can download old cookbooks from http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/digital_books/.

80th Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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