90th Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on July 19, 2012

If you are planning a 90th birthday party, it really needs to be a memorable event which celebrates the life of the birthday person and gives not only them but their nearest and dearest a special day to remember.

Throughout the whole planning process, bear in mind that that the birthday person may not be as compliant as they used to be. If you know that they don’t like crowded spaces, excessive noise and/or a lot of people then keep numbers down and only invite a select few people.

If this is the case, or the birthday person is fragile/their health is not up to par, consider asking distant relatives and friends to send birthday cards in before hand and then just having an intimate gathering where you can present the cards in one go rather than overwhelming him/her with a line of well-wishers. Also, ensure that you are aware of and adapt the event to accommodate any special needs that the person (and even your guests) may have for example an accessible toilet and wheelchair access if required.

Our favorite theme to celebrate the honoree’s life is to have a ‘This is Your Life’ party based on the popular television programmed. Here are a few ideas on how to take a celebratory trip down memory lane without causing too much drama/noise to overexcite the recipient:

Invitations for 90th Birthday Party Ideas

Copy an old picture of the guest of honor onto colored card (depending on your theme colors which we suggest is pastel shades) and underneath it write ‘guess who’s turning 90?’ with the party details on the back.

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Decorations for 90th Birthday Party Ideas

As the party is based on the TV show, guests do not need to come in costume (unless they wish to re-enact a memorable occasion).

Make a comfortable special chair for the birthday person so that it looks like a throne using velvet material or jewels, sequins and glitter or even plywood or cardboard to create a high back to the chair.

90th Birthday Party Ideas

Create an area within the room where you can conceal surprise guests from the past for example behind a sheet or screen, have special photos enlarged into posters and stick them up around the room, cover the room in a colorful backdrop or drape sheer fabric and add Christmas lights behind it to create subtle yet festive, party atmosphere. Complete the look with lots of ’90’ banners and balloons.


Leave disposable cameras around on tables and have a photo area so the guests can have a photo taken with the honoree and you can create more memories from different angles.

90th Birthday Party Food

If you inviting a lot of older guests to the party, keep this in mind when you are selecting party food as you do not want lots of nuts etc when the invitees all have false teeth.

Safe options include a pre-cut fruit tray, chocolate dipped strawberries, crackers and cheese, chocolate fondue, finger sandwiches, sliced pizza and chicken breast strips

90th Birthday Party Activities

– This is Your Life – The host of the party should have a large red ‘This Is Your Life’ book from which they read passages about highlights of the birthday person’s life in chronological order.

At certain moments, a concealed surprise guest (behind the screen) should speak into a microphone and the honored guest should then guess who the voice belongs to – it could be a school friend, old partner, teacher, long lost relative etc.

The person can then come out from behind the partition and share a touching or amusing experience or anecdote that they had with the guest of honor. This continues until all of the guests have been revealed.

90th Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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