A Dress up tea birthday party!

by admin on October 20, 2012

My daughter was turning five and she had decided she wanted a tea party. After researching all kinds of them, from mad hatter to princess, we finally decided on a dress up tea party. I started looking for some fun dress up stuff we could buy in bulk online and started realizing this was going to cost a small fortune. So after some thought and a tight budget I knew exactly what we should do!

I took my daughter and we went shopping for all kind of dress up stuff. We went to Goodwill stores, and other thrift stores. I wasn’t sure what we would find and I wasn’t exactly sure where to start other than I knew she wanted pretty hats. We bought all the hats we could find. It was exciting finding all kinds of different hats. Red hats, cowboy hats, top hats, straw hats, you name it we probably found it!

tea birthday party

We bought a bunch of fake flowers and cut them off the stems and glued them to the hats along with ribbon and any other girly stuff we could find. We also found a ton of scarves and ties and I got as many as I could find of both!

We were going to have boys and girls at this tea party so we needed stuff the boys would enjoy too. Then we went to a craft store and found all kinds of jewelry from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. We also got some of those funny glasses with the mustaches so the boys would have something besides hats and ties too.

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Then I started trying to decide on the cake, and that is when a friend saw some cupcakes shaped like teacups on Pinterest! so of course we had to do that! We did a practice run on then, and had a blast! Since she was a little better at those than me she make the miniature teacup cupcakes.

Then I made homemade sugar cookies, and dipped them in icing. Yes, I literally dipped them. I warmed the icing in the microwave for a few seconds until it was melted and then dipped the top of the cookies in the different colored icing. Then put I pearl colored sprinkles around the edges to make them look like saucers. When the icing was cooled it made a hardish shell on the cookies, and it was super yummy! They were the cutest things you have ever seen! She also made a tea cake that was gorgeous.

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For the table settings I found a pretty china set at a Goodwill store as well and we got plastic table clothes and then I made paper doilies (because I couldn’t find any pre-made doilies ANYWHERE!).

My grandma, who collects tea pots, let us borrow some of hers and we had sweet tea in real teapots! I know, sweet tea is so fancy. 😉 But it was a hit with all the kiddos, and we had unsweet for all the mommies.

My daughter and a few of her friends dressed up in their princess dresses, and everyone had a great time! All the kids raved about it and so did the parents.

The party favors for the guests were the dress up accessories (hats, scarves, ties, jewelry, funny glasses) and everyone got to choose which they liked best and take it home! I also found some little tea cups on a hotel wholesale site and some food safe paint markers and all the kids got to decorate their very own teacup anyway they wanted to.

I even managed to find some that you didn’t have to bake in the oven so it was easy for the moms too! Seriously one of the cutest parties I have ever been to. And not just because I planned it with my sweet girl and a sweet creative friend. 😉

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