A Fancy Paris Themed Birthday Party

by admin on September 23, 2012

If you are a theme party type of person and if you love Paris that much— then probably one of the best themes that come across your mind is the Paris Themed Birthday Party.

It’s this theme that actually makes you and your guests reach Paris without actually traveling to get there. With this theme, you make your guests act like real Parisians with their French costumes and French greetings.

When you plan out for a Paris Themed Birthday Party, what you need to prepare are invitations, Paris inspired decorations, and French typed foods.

A Fancy Paris Themed Birthday Party Invitations

When planning for an invitation, a sweet idea is to include in your heading a French word statement about the event they are going to attend to. Introduce them the whole theme by presenting the images of Paris’ tourist landmarks in the invitation that would give them idea what the party is all about. When you address the person in the invitation, using “Madam” or “Mademoiselle” is sweeter. It’s also a great idea to present the activities there.

One thing that makes the party pleasing is that guests are informed in the invitation that they are going to wear French costumes, and that they exchange pleasantries with one another by using French words such as ‘bonjour’ or ‘allez-vouz’.


Paris Themed Birthday Party Decorations

When you prepare for the venue, place the decorations or paintings that portray French places like Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, and Arc de Triomphe or even famous French personalities. These make the whole scene a lot fancier and glittering—just like Paris.

And when you set the dining sets, try considering a café type of preparation where French teas and toasts are present in each tables. You can also prefer wines for wine tasting ahead of the party. When the party goes on, guests are encouraged to dance and do the waltz for two.

French music and instrumentals in this venue are preferable, so hiring a musician to play French music is a lot better.


When it comes to food preparations, choose delectable, original French cuisines in your recipe. These easy to cook but savory foods are always good choices. For main dishes, guests love to savor Duck a L’Orange, Quiche Lorraine, Garlic Tukey Sausage and Croque Madame. For pastries, great foods are Chocolate Orange Loaf, Choux Pastry Dough, Honey Muffins and Brioche Loaf. For coffee and tea, you can do Espresso, Café Napoleon and Café Allonge. If you consider cocktail recipes, Vin Chaud and Lemon Presse are perfect. These French delights are easily made using recipe books and references. But if you have budget, you can always hire a chef to bring out the best French cuisine in your party.

It’s also best to greet the guests Bon Appétit before the dinner starts. It adds emphasis to the real meaning of the theme.
paris themed birthday party

Lastly, if you plan to throw out give away stuffs to the guests, choose Paris inspired stuffs like Eiffel tower designs, Paris passports or pictures that presents Paris. Things like these are so delightful for everybody.
Isn’t it worth remembering to celebrate your birthday just once in a while with a fancy Paris Themed Birthday Party with all the glamorous things that surround you? And isn’t it perfect to feel like a real Parisian in the midst of your moonlit birthday party?

Considering this fabulous theme, feel free to celebrate your birthday with style. Bon anniversaire!

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