A Fun-tastic Fairy Birthday Party You Could Give To Your Little Daughter

by admin on September 19, 2012

5 ideas for Fairy Themed Birthday Party

Do you believe in fairies? Well, your little daughter probably does! And now that she will be having her birthday celebration, it’s time for you to play fairy and grant her the best birthday bash she wishes.

Give her a fairy birthday party full of fun and it will be the perfect birthday party you could give her.

How to plan out fairy themed birthday party

Here are the ideas that would help you when you plan out for a fairy themed birthday party.

First, you need to visualize the whole setting. Your theme is all about fairies, so literally you have to transform your venue into a fairyland—and oh, not just a fairyland but an almost real fairyland. Whether the party’s going to happen in your house’s backyard or in a garden, it’s your choice.

Fairy Birthday Party

The photo above is probably the most fantastic environment you can create for a party. The photo is taken from giggletreeevents.com. By just looking at the picture, the party seems to be held in a garden somewhere. And as you can see, the decorations suggest the whole theme.

You can see that there are fairy plants and mushrooms planted in the ground, making the whole place look like a real fairyland. You can see a lot of colorful stuffs that make the whole thing truly a delight to your little angel.

Fairy Birthday Party ideas

Now, if you’re tight in budget, you can just buy plain white clothes or wood to make up a fairyland setting. What to do with the white clothes, by the way? Look at the photo above which is taken from flickr.com. This is surprisingly a very wise idea if you can’t place real fairylike decorations in your venue.

If you are one of the gifted people who possess creativity, you can just make use of the paintbrushes and paint over the white clothes things such as trees, mountains, castles and a lot more to make up a real fairyland.

If you can’t do this, hiring somebody who could paint these things is a good idea, too. When everything is done, place the white clothes in a wall, and there, your daughter will actually see a fairyland! You can also take this idea most especially if your party will be held at your house’s indoor.

Fairy themed Birthday Party

Costumes also play a great deal in a fairy birthday party. Of course, everyone inside the fairyland is assuming they are real fairies, so let all the guests dress like fairies.

Let the girls wear their fairy costumes with wings at their backs. Boys could also participate by wearing costumes like elves’ or princes. Bringing with them their additional props is also fantastic.

Fairy themed Birthday Party cakes

A party is not complete without foodstuffs. The photo above from neviepiecakes presents delectable sweet treats for guests. Since the party is fairy theme inspired, these desserts really ensemble magic and fantasy!

fairy themed birthday party food

Fairy bread is also great ideas to offer for the guests. These are not just fun to look at but also delectable. All these stuffs make the guests happy and most especially, the celebrant.

Finally you are ready and up for the best birthday party in town. Having all these ideas, you’re probably giving your little daughter the birthday party she deserves. Let her experience a fun-tastic fairy birthday party and make her fantasies come true!

Fairy Party Supplies

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