A Summer Party Games for Your Kid’s Birthday

by admin on April 30, 2013

Summer is just a couple of months away and rest assured you are either hosting a birthday party or attending one. According to U.S Census, months of summer are on the top five months of most births. So there is plenty of time to plan and work it out just to make your kid happy on his big day.

One of the best summer birthday party ideas is outdoor games. School’s out so it is the perfect time to engage your child and his friends to some outdoor activities for the hot season. Plan the perfect games where they will learn about leadership, sportsmanship and make new friends. Below are just some of outdoor games that they will definitely enjoy:

1. Egg race

Egg race is one of the traditional summer birthday party ideas and definitely entertaining. Use a hard-boiled for this one so you won’t spoil the fun. Separate the kids into three or two groups and make cone obstacles to make the game more fun. The games will teach them of constancy and patience while they run and take turns while balancing the egg on the spoon.

2. Water balloons

Water balloons for summer birthday party ideas? Yes you can have them. Form two groups and spread out. The kids should toss the water balloon at each other and they should make sure it will not explode at the hands of either one because he will be out of the game. The team which has the most people standing will be the winner. For a twist, you can throw different water balloons from different direction to confuse them which one to catch.

A Summer Party Games for Your Kid’s Birthday

3. Frisbee

This game needs strategy and accuracy. Cut different shapes in a tarp and using assorted colored duct tape to mark the value of the shape. Mark the throwing line and give each target with value according to difficulty. Kids will surely love to compete with one another to know who is better.

4. Hot Wheels

Toys and kids tandem never grow old and could be one of the perfect summer birthday party ideas. Hot Wheels is one of the most popular and favorite toys of children because of thrills and fun they experience. There are modern and new versions of the toys – Hot Wheels Spinshotz where kids could play with spinning tops in high speed and Spinshotz Stunt Set-Big Air Target Takedown that let out the imagination of the child and have fun racing with his friends to the top.

5. Obstacle Course

Kids love it when they are tested with their physical capabilities. So create a homemade obstacle. You could ask some help from other parents to set it up. Jumping into old tires, crawling through big cartons, deciphering riddles and going through complicated tied ties are just some of the interesting activities you can include. Just keep reminding the kids to be careful to avoid hurting themselves.

Outdoor activities as one of your summer birthday party ideas could be the most memorable and fun-filled summer for your kid and his friends. You can hold it in your backyard or a playground in the neighborhood or wherever that suits the kids. The most important thing is that you bring smiles to your child for his birthday.

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