Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

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Go through the looking glass and into Wonderland

Little girls will still love the theme of Alice in Wonderland as a birthday idea. With the thought of tea parties, fluffy white rabbits, and smiling Cheshire cats, Alice in Wonderland will aim to please. Starting out isn’t difficult and once a parent gets into the main planning they will have just as much fun as their child.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

With the release of Tim Burton’s version of the definitive novel turned animated Disney classic, children are interested in this theme again. Some parents will remember watching the animated version as a child so this theme may be nostalgic for them as well.

To start with the basics, invitations, balloons, streamers, plates and utensils, and center pieces can all be found online. Searching a bit might be necessary. Century Novelty is a good site online for Alice in Wonderland and centers on a Red Queen or tea party theme.

To keep with a lighter theme for younger girls the animated film will suit best but for the older set a Red Queen theme will definitely be a possibility.

To set up a tea party for a little birthday Alice, simply start with the basics:

alice in wonderland birthday party

  • Cupcakes and cakes should be decorated in pastels to match a Disney animated theme party and harsher reds, blacks, and blues to compliment a party styled after Tim Burton’s Alice.
  • Cupcakes or cakes will be served with either real tea or Kool-Aid in tea party cups with saucers.
  • Buying the Disney Princess themed tea party set is an idea as well as simply buying a blue or pink set of generic tea party items.
  • It might also be interesting to remember to label any cupcakes with the little tag, “Eat me,” and cups handles with “Drink, me.” This ties into how Alice ended up in Wonderland in the first place after she went down the rabbit hole.
  • Kids can pretend to be tall and small as they role play during the day.
  • Decorate the cakes similar to the film with white icing and blue, and pink trim.
  • Some parents may write the instructions on the cupcake themselves or simply opt for a tag on the side.

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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Games

Kids will love having a tea party and singing “A Very Merry Unbirthday,” instead of the birthday song. This would be a good place for parents to dress up as the Mad Hatter and March Hare. It makes the day fun for both parent and child in that respect.

Also, kids will get more into the role playing aspect of the tea party if the Mad Hatter is leading them in a song such as about a birthday or “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat…” It makes the day fun for all involved.
alice in wonderland quotes
For games, musical chairs is a great standby with balloons tied on back and the winner taking home a tea set of their own. This is why buying a plastic generic tea set is best.

Other games can include croquet such as what Alice played with the red queen. For some parents this won’t be a good set up but others may want to try this more authentic approach.

Have children pain the roses red. Print out copies of white roses and set up stations so they can paint the flowers red just like the Red Queen ordered or have them color the rose in case the little ones are better off without paints. They can take the roses home with them after the party. Also for party gifts, on Century Novelty, there are pocket watches.

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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Favors Ideas

Flowers with faces would be a good touch to hand out as well to each little girl leaving the party. They even could be made during the party as a craft.

Taking a paper plate, some green construction paper, and some safety scissors with a dab a glue make the flower craft an easy one. Let children design their own flower with a face, let them use any colors they want.

While they are making their creation, begin to cut up stems and leaves so the children can glue them to the bottom of the plate or let them help if they are age appropriate. Now there is a flower with a face for the little birthday girl and her guests.


  • Tea party is another option for this theme
  • Don’t forget the Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland should be a fun and exciting theme to plan and enjoy when the day arrives. Just stick with the age appropriate decorations and feel free to be silly. Sing, dance, and drink real tea out of teacups along with the kids and don’t be afraid to jump in with them in musical chairs either.

An involved parent really makes the day for the child. So, become the Mad Hatter whether it’s with Johnny Depp’s signature orange mane or the white hair and green hat of the animated hatter, and be the host with the most just like the hatter was when Alice first came to his table.

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