All about Golf Birthday Cakes

by admin on July 27, 2013

Golf may not be everyone’s favorite sport; however, fold themed birthday cakes are very decorative! You can make these cakes for men, women, or even children!

If you know someone who likes gold, this would be the perfect birthday cake decoration! You can make these all different deigns; any design that you want! You can decorate it yourself if you want, or even choose from a variety of different decoration ideas that the cake decorating shop has already.

Many children like miniature golf, so for a child’s birthday, you could do a miniature golf themed birthday cake! You can find out more design ideas if you research information about gold birthday cakes. The more you look at, the harder the decision will be, so do not look too hard one you find one that you think the birthday guest will love, them you should decide on that one!

In addition, if you do not want to decorate a whole cake, you can make and decorate cupcakes! As long as you fix the icing in a grass pattern, you can accomplish this golf themed birthday with hardly any effort! If this entire birthday party is gold themed, you will want to make sure to decorate the birthday space in a very golf-themed way! What would be a good idea for a golf-themed birthday party would be to have the birthday party on a golf course!

If you do not want just a green cake, you can choose to decorate it in a different way, such as a pair, or maybe a golf ball or tee.

Here are some Golf Birthday Cakes which I think very creative in design

Golf cake 008

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