Are birthday party favors necessary?

by admin on December 22, 2012

Are birthday party favors necessary? – Children birthday parties are a staple of Western culture. Parents and family work tirelessly to make the day perfect, special, and above all fun as possible.

Between cake, ice cream, games, presents, and invitations birthday parties are grand affairs that require quite a bit of planning. The cost mounts quickly and then comes the task of making certain that the party is a success. During the shuffle most parents can and will go overboard. The one are that is sometimes cited as unnecessary is the party favor bag.

The etiquette vs the pressure…

Many parents feel obligated to give party goers a little take home gift, a thank you for coming to their child’s birthday. They also feel obligated when they receive the same types of gifts for their children to carry them home and then later throw them away or watch them disappear in the child’s room never to be played with again.

Trinkets, toys, and little cars and candies are what usually end up in party favor bags. For the most part, the contents end up scattered around homes and children’s bedrooms. But nowadays, parents having more conscious about this junk stuff (scented eraser, nail polish, small plastic figurine, candy) and looking alternative way to reduce the trash and be more ecological in mind, which is lead to add up the budget and Some parents feel pressure to meet a traditional norms of not wanting to disappoint the children.

Some parents also throwing lavish parties tend to overfill the bags. I heard a mother gives tennis rackets and the other one baseball tickets as party favors. Pretty expensive! Some children who receive birthday parties totally $2000-$5000 can end up passing out favors that most parents won’t feel comfortable taking home. It seems parents are trying to compete to provide the most unforgettable once in a lifetime experience. Some parents even try to make it a contest concerning who passes out the best and most extravagant party favor bag. To take the pressure off, eliminating the party favor bag in most parents’ circles is a start.

Stop junk birthday party favors!

Parents should decide what is really worth putting in a party favor bag, while other parents are wondering if the party favors are even necessary!

Our definition of junk goody bag is:

Are birthday party favors necessary

  • Small plastic little things that our children don’t need anyway and they may lost the next day
  • Bags that I don’t want my children to recieve and want to throw it away.
  • Too much candy, too many pieces of play jewelry, little toy soldiers, and toy cars are just more household clutter.

The kids still loved getting those goody bag….

It’s possible to let kids know they are appreciated and that their birthday friend is happy they came without breaking a budget or overwhelming fellow parents with useless trinkets. Think about what a group of children might really like. The old standby of a gift card is not a bad idea. Parents will also like this as they can choose when and where to spend the money that would have gone into a party favor bag.

Still, an approach that many parents are taking is simply coming together and making a pact to eliminate the party favor bags altogether. Parents feel they must reward other children for attending their child’s birthday. The reward should be a good time and lots of cake. Still you can have alternative, a healthy one to give out to those children. These are some ideas that I collected from time to time when planning birthday party:

  • Books are always well received by most parents. Little pocket book for 1st birthday party favors and perhaps a story book for older child
  • Think outside those bags. Taking home something is not always the favors, you can hire a face painters or balloon twisters
  • Crafts projects such as DIY dye shirts will make you cool
  • Gift certificates for ice cream is another great ideas. You might want to go extra miles to give gift cards
  • Donate the money which you intend to spend on party favors with your guest’s name.
  • More expensive like CDs, shirts and watch (you can even match with your theme, like if you having Dora birthday party then giving Dora CDs, Dora shirts or even Dora watches for the guest).
  • Make your own cupcakes or cookies. Tied them with a stick and ribbon. You can find many online recipes with different theme and styles.

Start with your own values..

Initially children might be upset and some parents may balk at not receiving a party pack for their child attending. However, reinforcing the belief that a child should be rewarded just for showing up to have fun at a party doesn’t set good boundaries for adult behavior.

It’s better to teach children that it’s best to simply enjoy the day, enjoy giving a gift, and then go home happy happily.

Give yourself a reason to have a low key parties and optional to not give the birthday favors. We already have a NO Gift Birthday Party, why don’t we do that also with party favors? Party favor bags won’t go away completely but more parents are banding together and taking charge in their inner circles to stop the trend and to save their households from clutter.

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