Army Theme Birthday Party Games

by admin on October 22, 2012

Army Theme Birthday Party Games Ideas

The hospitality industry has become richer and richer in choices so as to cover all kind of public categories. From exclusivity suites 400m above the underwater crater to a caravan travel trailers accommodated in edenic gardens and military units touristic complexes. For example, military units have been rehabilitated and subsequently, have changed their purposes into entertainment.

If you check into one of this type of complexes, you will enjoy also the military facilities and have a great time and treat with your friends or your family! There is a wide range of activities that satisfy lots of events: either you choose to spend a week-end for a team building with your company colleagues or one day- tour or a birthday!

Moreover, it will be a thrill for you and your guests to explore the army theme birthday party games, especially if it is your first time trial. Dressed in a soviet soldier, you may go for a ride with the armored personnel carriers for which the owners have prepared 45 degrees slopes to descend without a seatbelt or you may want to experience these mammoths in the forest or hills around.

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Next, on the list of the army theme birthday party games that keep fit the body and the mind is the paintball. If you are a team player, join the others for a paintball afternoon. You will be provided everything you need, equipment, balls, and instructions.

Besides this, if your guests and you are in the mood to concentrate and use the observation skills, you may go beyond and try a treasure hunt, one of the most appreciated like adrenaline provider party games.

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A fleet of relaxing two or three wheel vehicles is waiting for you to ride them on the alleys or on the vast land: segways (Segway Personal Transporter), off- road jeeps or draisines.

Segways are to be driven on an asphalted alley being a good opportunity for a leisure ride. The off- road military jeeps are available for races especially on a rainy weather, on forests paths. Draisine is a very awkward vehicle that requests the force of the passengers and will turn back the time! For this vehicle, there are special rails routes that you will follow.


If you are not so keen in army theme birthday party games but still feel like performing a softer activity, the organizers of the event have thought at this aspect too. While in past times, archery was a way of combat, in modern times it has become a recreational activity and it may be performed as a group or individually. It is up to you!

After all, this is a party and you do what you want to! As you have noticed, army is not as rigid and terrifying as it’s seems, on the contrary it may be fun and flexible. This kind of entertainment provides not only army theme birthday party games, but also a meeting with the history due to the selection of activities.

After this soliciting day, there couldn’t be a more spectacular closure than around a fire camp that makes a perfect occasion for a barbecue. Food and beverages are served in the open air bar. People will mingle together and tell the impressions about this army themed birthday party.

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