Autumn Birthday Party For 25 Years old girl

by admin on November 8, 2012

This Autumn Birthday Party is for: My good friend (female) who was turning 25.

Location: My home in Denver, CO, USA; the party was held in the living room but the food buffet was in the adjoining dining room

Guests: her female family (mother, aunts, grandmothers, close family friends) and some of her close friends, the guests had a very large age range- from early teens to elderly so the location, invitation, room and seating, menu, games, and favors were all planned with this in consideration

Autumn Birthday Party Invitations:

Used handmade paper that had flowers pressed into it as the outside card and shiny red paper with the invitation text printed on it for the inside to keep with the autumn theme and colors, a unique font was selected and downloaded from a website to give the invitation more uniqueness, leaf shaped brads were used to hold the inside paper and outside paper together, the invitations were mailed in envelopes that were a coordinating red color.

fall birthday party

Autumn Birthday Party Decorations:

Fairly simple but elegant and keeping with the autumn color pallet, table cloths in autumn colors (reds, orange, brown), tea lights in simple candle holders, fake autumn leaves, and a brown stone vase with an autumn floral arrangement decorated the buffet table, the plates were a dark green, we used real plates and forks (not paper and plastic) to keep with the semi-formal feel of the party

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Menu: the birthday girl is vegetarian so the menu followed her dietary preferences, the buffet contained a roasted root vegetable cream soup, root vegetable latkes served with sour cream, cheddar and beer fondue with bread, apples, celery, and carrots, a garden salad containing field greens, pears, shredded carrots, Gorgonzola cheese, croutons, and a poppy seed dressing, an assortment of dessert breads including banana bread, chocolate chip zucchini bread, and orange cranberry bread, a mulled wine, and a non-alcoholic punch

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Autumn Birthday Party Games

Most of the party was for chatting and eating the food but two party games were played-

1. telephone pictionary: each person starts with a paper with a phrase written at the top, the first person draws the phrase then folds the paper to cover the words and passes the paper, the next person writes what they think the phrase was based on the picture then folds the paper to cover the picture and passes it, the next person does the same as the first, etc until the paper is filled, then the pages are passed to laugh at the bad drawings;

2. the other game was to have each guest spell out the birthday girl’s name vertically down the page and use each letter to spell out a piece of advice or a well-wish for the upcoming year (for example: Wendy might have W- work out every day, E- eat out for fun, N- never pass up a good sale!, D- don’t forget what an amazing woman you are, Y- yap with your girlfriends), both games were very popular and worked well with the wide age range present at the party

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Favors: each guest was given a fall scented candle in the theme colors from Yankee Candle with a fake leaf tied to it and a small bag of candies that the birthday girl was fond of

Costumes: no costumes although guests did dress in semi-formal clothing for the occasion

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