Ballet Birthday Party: Prima Ballerina for a Day

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

Not all of us can become prima ballerinas as we have two left feet. But what we can become a ballerina for a day by having a ballet birthday party and indulge the prima ballerina dream one has.

I have not yet come across a man who has had or wants to have a ballet themed party as it may create a false impression of them; but that is a story for another day and another forum. If you have a little girl or a pre-teen daughter, chances are high that she has wanted to be a ballerina at least once in her lifetime.

Ballet, for those who are not in the know, is a form of performance dance that started in fifteenth century Italy as an interpretation of fencing. Let me not bore you with the historical background of ballet as I will be veering off topic if I do.

Well, back to having a ballet birthday party that will make your daughter feel like a prima ballerina not only for a day but for her lifetime. First things first, you have to make invitation cards that reflect the ballet theme.

Pink and white is the color most ballerinas put on hence you can choose to have a pink and white colored birthday party with a hint of yellows, greens and reds (or any other colors) to add some dimensions to the color pallet.

You can put your child’s and family’s artistic and creative talent into practice by letting them create invitation cards that look like a tutu or pointe shoes. Do not forget to tie a cute ribbon on the invites to make them fancier.

The next step is to go to the bakery and order an assortment of different flavored cupcakes shaped as tutus, ballerinas and pointe shoes and add a little glitz buy requesting a sprinkle of pink food glitter on them. You can even request edible pink and white flowers to be put in the final assembly of the cupcake tier. You will also have to go out there and buy some flowers that will complement the ballet birthday party.

You can use pink roses and white carnations to decorate the room the party will be held in and set the room to look like a ballet studio as the girls (and some boys) will like to learn a few ballet steps while at it.

Make sure you have a qualified ballet instructor at hand. Apart from cakes, you can have strawberry juice with a hint of lime and a cocktail umbrella to give the party a glamorous feel.

The dramatic ballet music could be played on the background and the guardians can be requested to dress like they are going to a ballet performance and the children dressed in tutus and pointe shoes to bring the ballet feel closer home.

ballet birthday party

Girls being girls, you may end up having a tea party incorporated in the ballet birthday party. Have the table set with different confectioneries and have one or two centerpieces that depict a ballerina or a ballet dance movement. To make the prima ballerina stand out (i.e. the birthday girl), make a tiara like pink and white ribbon and place it on her head.

You can even take the kids for a few ballet lessons beforehand and let them learn a ballet dance routine that they will present to all and sundry during the birthday party with the prima ballerina at the center of attention.

A ballet theme birthday party can also be adapted to showcase The Nutcracker, Swan Lake or even the Black Swan theme depending on the resources you have at hand. Bottom line; just make sure your girl feels like a prima ballerina on her birthday. Agreed?

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