Balloon table decorations

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Top 10 Balloon Table Decorations for Birthday Party

Birthday parties are fun filled occasions spent in places highly embellished with colorful displays and painstakingly adorned with vibrant decorations.

The most common ornament widely used by people from all parts of the world is the balloon. It is a true fact that having balloons to decorate a birthday party venue makes the revelry more joyous and appear more festive.

Many of you party planners may have been wondering if you can use balloons as table decorations, either as the striking centerpieces or otherwise. Yes you definitely can!

So to give you great ideas or inspire your own creativity, here are the top 10 balloon table decorations that can liven up your birthday party experience.

Balloon table decorations

Top 10 Balloon Table Decorations Ideas

balloon table arrangements

The first is the classic and elegant balloon centerpiece cluster to make it full bouquet added with ribbon and satin layer and is placed on the center of each guest’s table. It is the simplest and easiest to make out of the various balloon table decorations. You can choose whatever color you like, preferably the theme color of the party.

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Balloon table decorationsThe second one is the colorful cartoon-character balloon arrangement. If you plan to have a birthday party for a child, you can use cartoon balloons such as Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty ones. The cartoon character is placed at the top with a profusion of small balloons with different colors surrounding it directly below, attached by a single straight, spiral or circular string.

balloon flower table decorations

The third is the flower balloon. A flower-shaped balloon is placed at the topmost position surrounded by medium-sized balloons of three or more colors at varied length. It is usually put in a glass or plastic vase and is perfect as a table centerpiece.

Flower Balloon table decorations

The fourth is a bunch of flower centerpiece. Make a few balloon flower and combine into a bucket of flower. Put them in the vase. And here is another gorgeous decorations of flower balloon.

flower balloon centerpiece
balloon table decoration

The fifth is a more complicated but highly festive “twist-and-shout” balloon arrangement. It consists of a snowball base with elongated and spiraled strings connecting the base to a top big bunch of colored balloons. The strings are packed with two or more small balloon wreaths.

balloon table centerpiece ideas

The sixth is the spiral balloon decoration usually with 2 different color. For top, you can have a number balloon, or a square balloon with a few words about birthday or perhaps just sprig with number.

star balloon table decorations

The seventh one is the star bouquet table arrangement. It makes use of four or more star-shaped foil balloons added with glitters to sparkle up the table.

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Tree balloon decorations

The eighth one is the fantasy tree balloon, which is shaped like a tree, of course. It has a round cluster of small balloons with two or more colors at the bottom and a big hot air balloon on top with a small bunch of balloons surrounding it immediately below, with many thick colorful spiral strings swaying out of the bunch. It is about a hundred centimeters in height. It can be used for wedding and birthday party table centerpiece.

Mardi grass balloon decorations

The ninth one is the Mardi gras twist balloon. It has a twist twisted elongated balloon on top with different color and has wreaths of four very small balloons at the tip bottom. Plus Mardi gras feather mask as a decorations. or you can opt for this style too:

mardi gras balloon centerpieces

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star balloon centerpiece
The tenth, but definitely not the least one, is the “hall-of-fame” balloon. It is a great centerpiece for the buffet table because it makes use of eight or more big shaped balloons in gold, silver and black colors with starry glitters placed abundantly on each of them. They are placed by threes with each color layered separately in place below a large golden star-shaped balloon. These are attached to the base of the table with a big stick enclosed by an elongated spiral gold balloon with a bouquet of small circular gold, silver and black balloons at the bottom.

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Balloon table decorations surely add a cheerful atmosphere to any birthday party celebration. You can arrange a unique one by yourself or avail of the services of professional decorators. Just make sure to have a theme in mind to know what color and design you’d want them to be. Happy balloon-filled birthday!

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