Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on June 27, 2013

Who among us girls do not know Barbie? Well maybe all of us do know this skinny with blonde curly and at times straight hair doll which we dress up fashionably and stylishly.

It is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc. It became popular with children who enjoyed dressing her up in various outfits that are available separately.

With its popularity, many little girls dream of having a Barbie birthday party theme which they can celebrate with their relatives and friends.

That is why many Party and Events Coordinators are coming up with Barbie birthday party ideas which they can share with their clients.

Barbie Birthday Party Invitations

There are many things to consider in coming up with Barbie birthday party ideas. One of which is choosing the Barbie party invitation cards.

Let your Birthday girl come up with her own idea which will become more personalized when she hands down the invitation to her friends.

One idea is to put the invitation inside an envelope and seal it with an adorable Barbie sticker. After coming up with the invitations, next in line is planning and buying the Barbie party decorations. Barbie is pink! So we should think pink!

Barbie Birthday Party Decorations

What is known for Barbie birthday party ideas are the mix and match of colorful decorations for a fab Barbie birthday party.

Decoration ideas with cool table decorations, balloons and dangling decorations in her favorite colors: pink, purple, turquoise and lime green are a must!

the food and drinks. Some of the Barbie party food suggestions are Barbie cupcakes, and desserts, heart shaped pizzas and pink colored sodas and of course a Birthday cake that is decorated with a small figurine Barbie doll at the center of the cake which can be enjoyed not only by the kids but can be enjoyed by the adults as well.


Barbie Birthday Party Games

We should also consider planning Barbie party games and activities. We can have a Barbie makeover station. Let your little girl’s guests practice their makeup and hair skills in front of a mirror or have the girls make each other over and for those who made their partners prettier and more adorable, prizes can be given to them which can be given in Barbie loot bags. With this activity, you can even give these kids and their mothers some makeup tips!

barbie birthday party ideas

Barbie Birthday Party Outfit

After planning the party games and activities, the planning of the Birthday girl’s outfit. Of course, you should be dressing her up like a Barbie doll. You can dress her up in any outfit with a special ribbon with Barbie pictures on it. You can also put a tiara on her head to let her shine among the other girls during the party. Also, you could let the guests come in their Barbie like outfits to make the event more fun and stylish.

Barbie Birthday Party Favors

Lastly, a Birthday party is not complete without the favors to give to the guests as a token of appreciation for coming. This token will serve as the kids’ memories of the said Barbie birthday party that will be treasured by them.

You can use reusable plastic containers with Barbie pictures on it and put inside items such as lip gloss, mirror keychain, hair ponies, cute pencil, eraser, memo pad and even a hairband. Put them in a transparent plastic wrapper and seal it with a pink ribbon with a Barbie picture and the Birthday girl’s name on it. This thank you gift will be given before the guests left the party.


Hope these Barbie birthday party ideas had helped you in deciding to give a fun and memorable birthday party to your little girl that she would remember all of her life.

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