Barney birthday theme party for your toddler

by admin on October 1, 2012

Whenever that time of the year comes, you know you need to provide the perfect birthday party for your kid. If your child’s age is between one to five years, you can organize him a Barney Birthday Theme Party.

If you are new to this domain, I will guide you through 4 steps, in order to provide the best party, both for your kid and for your guests.

Because a Barney Birthday Theme addresses mostly to young children, a colorful invitation will make them happy and excited for the future party. There are services that allows you to also make a game for an invitation. For example, you can write and print the party’s details in puzzle shapes, so that the guest will have to finish the puzzle, in order to read the invitation. What child won’t love this sort of an invitation?

barney birthday party

Now that we covered the first step it’s time to go to the second. It involved decoration. Being a kid is all about colors, because they are entertaining and new to the kids. In order to make your guests feel comfortable, use any piece of Barney decoration you can find. For starters, hang Barney posters at every entrance in the house. That way, the guests will know where the party takes place. Also, if you can cut out Barney’s large and purple footsteps and glue them to the floor, you will have lots of little ones trying to walk on Barney’s steps. Balloons, streamers and background Barney music will also be very welcomed.

The third step is about the party food. You can find and buy Barney party sets, which usually contains plates, napkins, one paper glass, one straw and maybe a little toy, all Barney themed. Apart from this setting, you can serve fruits and sweets on vivid colors dishes. If you have dinosaur cookie cutter, you can make dinosaur forms from almost every fruit that you intend to serve. You can also make scenarios using fruits and vegetables, which the little ones will love. The cake can have a purple theme, and you can also use some of Barney’s figurines to decorate it.

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The last step is very important, because it will be the center of the entire Barney Birthday Theme Party. We will now talk about the activities that you invite your guests to be a part of. There are so many Barney theme games that you will have to fight with yourself to choose just some of them. You can organize a dinosaur chocolate egg hunt, and invite the guests to search for them. If the kids are too young, it is advisable for the parents to go with him when hunting. If you didn’t have time to buy chocolate eggs, print and cut purple spots. The kid with the most purple spots found will win, maybe a chocolate or another sweet treat. Also, an interactive game is Barney musical chairs, an amusing and fun game for kids and parents to play along.

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Now that you have every step in front of you, prepare the best Barney Birthday Theme Party ever, in order for both kids and parents to remember. But most of all, make sure that your kid loves everything you want to do, and make sure that a lot of photos will be taken.

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