Organizing a Beach Themed Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

Organizing a Beach Theme Birthday Party

Whether you are young, old or even young at heart, a beach theme birthday party is a fun way to usher your older, wiser self.

The beauty of the beach theme is that you can literally go to the beach and have fun there or you can remain indoors and let the beach be an inspiration in how you choose your decorations, food and party games in addition to party favors.

The first step is to make a decision on whether you will have a day at the beach, an outdoor party or an indoor party. Knowing the venue of the party is important as it will form a basis on decision making concerning decorations as well as the resources required to make the party happen.

Beach Theme Birthday Party Invitations

First and foremost, after you have made a decision of the venue of the party, you have to make invitation cards. After all, you cannot party alone, can you? Come up with a list of people you would like to invite to the party.

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You can put sand in a bottle and slip in a note inviting an individual your party and request them to RSVP so as you can know the head count you will be working with.

  • You can also write out your invitation on a beach ball or water balloon and hand deliver them to the invited guests.
  • You could also look for invitation cards that have features representing the beach and sent them out to respective guests.
  • You can also go a step further and get miniature surf boards and stick an invite on them.

Get creative with your invites! And make sure the guests know that the attire is beach wear! Make sure the invites clearly communicate that you are having a beach theme birthday party!

Let’s go to the beach!

If you take the literal beach birthday party meaning and you would like to have a birthday party at the beach, then the first thing you have to do is check the weather forecast for the week you will be going to the beach as well as the forecast for the day of the beach birthday party.

beach themed birthday party

You will also need stock up on sunscreen, party snacks, umbrellas, beach volleyballs, cowrie shells, spades and buckets, football, cards, and any other equipment you would require to make the birthday fun. Do not forget the first aid kit! But what if the weather is not favorable, what then? What if you are nowhere near a beach?

The Beach is inside my Crib!

Simple! You can use the implied meaning of the beach theme birthday party and it is a more fun way to celebrate a birthday! This is because you can play around with the food as well as the decorations.

There are many aspects to the beach: the sand, the ocean, the waves, the sun, people wearing bikinis and swim wear, flip flops, sea shells, sea creatures and all.

If the weather allows it, you can have the pool to serve as your ocean and make decorations that will make the pool area look like a real beach. If it is indoors, you can use wallpapers, sea shells, coconuts, palm leaves as well as surf boards and a small sand pool for kids ( and adults as well) to construct sand castles on.

Make sure you buy all the decorations early and decorate the room a day earlier if possible.

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What about my tummy?

Food and drinks is an important aspect to any birthday party. Nobody wants to complain of a grumbling stomach after a party because they had nothing to eat or a dry throat as there were no drinks flowing! There are a lot of food ideas that will make your beach theme birthday party come alive.

You can make a cake in the shape of an octopus, or a sand dune; you may ask the caterer to shape food in form of sea creatures like a shark, whale or whatever you fancy.

You can buy paper plates that look like cowrie shells for people to eat from. Have a coconut husk for people to sip their drinks from. Have a platter served on a surf board… The list is endless! Let your imagination do the walking!

Other Considerations

Make sure you cater for all the different age groups that will be at the party. You could also come up with beach themed games to play and make a beach themed thank you card or place some shells on a miniature boat to express your gratitude to the guests for coming.

There is so much you can do to make a beach party come alive and I cannot exhaust them all. Feel free to write in or comment on what more a person can do to have a beach theme birthday party!

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