Best Places For Birthday Parties In NYC For Teens

by Anita Kearney on August 28, 2013

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, having a birthday party in the NYC is the best thing ever. NYC is the most happening and alive city on the planet. This allows you a variety of options for a birthday party.

This is where you will find some of the swankiest hotels, the most happening nightclubs, exquisite restaurants, cultural venues, parks and play spaces. If you want to do it, chances are there is some place in New York City that offers the experience. Keep reading as we explore birthday party venues for the young and the young at heart.

Best Places For Birthday Parties In NYC For Teens

Let’s start this tour with the 21 and over crowd:

The Marquee

289 Tenth Ave., New York, NY 10001
nr. 26th St

If you want a totally new experience then this is the place to be. This is not your ordinary club, it is an ode to go-go dancing, LEDs and the finest champagnes money can buy. The former meatpacking plant is now thumping to the sounds of trance and house music.

This is the place where you will find great drinks like the Upper Westside, a cocktail made from Woodford Reserve and Carpano Antica and the concoction comprised of Jack Daniels, Angostura and apple cider known affectionately as the Suite 16. There is a catwalk that wraps around the complete circumference and on it you will be amazed by the flamethrowers, live dancers and other performance artists. You can request a more intimate area for your birthday celebration away from the crush of the crowd.

Party on a Bus For Tweens And Teens:

Tweens and Teens, boy or girl, are the most finicky people to plan for. This is the age of peer pressure and looking cool. This is the age where parents are a nuisance and no one wants their friends to see them being treated like babies. The days of the Princess and Pirates are over unless they are Princess Katana from Mortal Kombat or the Dreaded Captain Jack from the pirates of the Caribbean.

Party on a Bus For Tweens And Teens

For these times try the novel approach, imagine the joy your child will feel when they are able to roll up to their friends homes and bring them aboard a party bus. They can have the entire party on board as they drive through this amazing city. These buses are outfitted with flat screen televisions, sound systems and also a red carpet service available. You can even order buses with walls and ceilings that change colors.

Loop of the Loom

Contact info: Call 212-722-2686
Little girls are a joy and there’s nothing your little one will like better than taking their friends to a place of wonder where they can learn something new. The venue is the only place in NYC where you can take classes in the Zen method of weaving known as Saori.

Loop of the Loom

According to their website:
“SAORI is a contemporary hand weaving program founded by Misao Jo (1913- , Japan)in 1969. She started weaving when she was 57 years old and created her own loom and style, free from the traditional concept and rules of weaving. She named her weaving style ‘SAORI’ in which anyone can express oneself freely regardless of age, gender, disability or intellectual aptitude. In SAORI, people can enjoy hand weaving as an art form not only as a hand craft.”

This is where art meets crafts. This is a great place for a gathering of your daughters closest friends. The price is $350.00 for 6 people and $35.00 per person after that. The party is limited to 12 people. The eating portion of the day can be before or after the event since no food is allowed on the premises. The best part is the kids get to keep what they make.

Get Coiffed

Another favorite of girls is playing dress up. Get coiffed has the perfect party plan for the little princess. These hairstylists will come to your home or wherever the party is taking place. They have two party themes to choose from.

Rocker Girl Party:

Rocker Girl Party

You provide the music and costumes and the stylists will bring everything else. The girls will be decked out with temporary tattoos, make-up , and nail polish. Of course they will get the hairstyles and accessories so that they look the part of the rockers they love. This is a great idea and with a karaoke machine the girls can sing and rock out for hours.

Giggles And Girlfriends:

Giggles And Girlfriends

This is the second party offering from the stylists at GET COIFFED is the glamour party. This is the ultimate girl time party. Giggling and dressing up like a princess is one two things little girls love to do. French twists, braids and other elegant hairstyles are provided for each participant. They also supply accessories that sparkle such as bows, hairclips and glitter. Light makeup and manicures for all.

The glamour and Rock and Roll day of fun cost only $45.00 per person. In addition for a small fee the kids can get the Get Coiffed affiliate TeenyPixel to make professional photos or even a music video of the party.

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