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by admin on September 25, 2012

So I heard is it that time of the year again? Well happy birthday for your boy! I guess you need some ideas for a great party, aren’t you? Do you want a crazy party where every child is having fun and doesn’t want to go home? Search no more because I will guide you step by step into the wonderful world of Curious George Birthday Party

First of all, you need a guest list. You might plan to ask everybody, but be sure to discuss the matter with your son. If your kid can’t play nice with some other kids, don’t invite them just like that. Try to convince your son they should come. Then, start writing the invitations. A brown envelope with a cowboy hat should send the message clear: it is a themed birthday party. If you have the resources and the time, a certificate of participation for the kids and a Happy Birthday certificate for the party boy would be awesome.

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The list moves on to decorations. Because it is a Curious George Birthday Party, it is only natural to have stuffed monkeys and bananas, maybe even a pinata, and all kinds of toys related to the cute and funny monkey. If you really want to take the party to the next level, monkey costumes or masks will do the trick. And don’t forget to bring out the DVDs and all the Curious George Games we all know you have. The kids will really enjoy it! Still on the games-decoration topic, how about confetti? Yes, I know it will be all over the place, but it is your kid’s birthday party. Wouldn’t you want for him to have a great time?

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Now that I have convinced you to bring confetti, let’s move to a sweet topic: the cake. If you lack the utensils to make a Curious George cake, as in a cake formed as a cute monkey, then you probably should either go the bakery or decide on an easier shaped cake. No matter what you’ll choose, I assure you that the kids will love it. You can also ask your kid to help you bake. You two will make beautiful memories for later. Also, if you can bake cookies or muffins, you might have to throw out the kids when the party is over. I’m just kidding, of course, but the real effect won’t be that far from it.

curious george birthday party

Moving on to the last part of your boy’s best Curious George Birthday Party ever, what are you going to do about the entertainment? Apart from the stuffed toys and the DVDs, do you have something else? How about a real monkey? Or a clown? Maybe a cowboy. You have so many characters to choose from. Just let your imagination run free, and your son will enjoy everything you decide to bring at the party.

Now, that you have planned out the entire party, take a moment to think of the parents that will come with their kids. Some Curious George cupcakes and a glass of sweet punch will be great for them, relaxing and watching how their kids enjoy the party. I also advise you to take many pictures. Who knows when you will have enough time to repeat the event for your kid’s birthday party.

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