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by admin on October 2, 2012

Best game for a Bionicle theme birthday party

Last month, my ten year old boy came to me and said: ”Mom, I really really want you to get real and make me a Bionicle theme birthday party, because I want it!” and then he ran to his room. I was just waking up, couldn’t see almost nothing, with a headache and a sour throat. I didn’t knew what has just hit me, and while drinking my coffee, I asked my boy to tell me again. I didn’t know what Bionicle meant and I’m still not sure, even though I organized a successful theme party. But let me tell you how the party really was.

For those of you who have no idea what Bionicle is, do not ask your kid! First of all, he will try to tell you everything he knows in one extremely long sentence, and you’ll understand nothing. Maybe it was just me, but my husband listen to, and didn’t get anything except for the word Bionicle and superpowers. Your best friend in this situation is the internet. Search everything you can and try to remember some of the information. Once you know a little bit more, try to think of a good game which you can adapt and make it the party’s attraction.

bionicle birthday party

But again, Bionicle is a line of Lego toys. In order to understand it better without having to read about it, I watched a movie. I found out that it was about a new world, with half-human half robot-beings. They lived in a subterranean world. Mata Nui, banished by Makuta Teridax, goes to a planet called Bara Magna. I won’t go into more details, because I’m not sure what they are. But after watching one movie, I came up with an idea for a game perfect for a Bionicle theme birthday party.

Bionicle theme birthday party games

The game goes like this… I searched, find and print some of the creatures’ masks. Apparently, that’s where their powers came. I had 12 masks, well 6 for I made copies of every one of them. Then I made a map with riddles. In order to get to find one mask, you had to solve the riddle. To make it a little bit more competitive, I made two maps with different riddles, and part the party guests into two search teams. Each team got a map and began the hunting. I came up to the riddles, in order to make them available to the kids.


“At the beginning of the day, the place where cleaning’s made, follow the white curtain.” This was the first riddle. I’m not really proud of what I have created with my words, but the kids seem to enjoy it a lot, and they were having fun searching for the masks. Someone even said: ‘Dude, I hope my mother throws me a party like this.’ I gave that little boy two party favors when he left for home. By the way, the first mask was in the bathtub.

After an one hour search, every team came up with the masks. I forgot to tell you they were wearable masks, so each one of them stayed with the mask on (so they had the powers), and once in a while one shouted some words and pretend to hit someone with a burst of flames. All in all, it was the best birthday party that I have ever thrown. Hopefully, the last.

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