Birthday Cake Oreos

by admin on January 11, 2013

How about a birthday cake made out from Oreos?

Oreos cookies are a staple in most households. Birthday cakes are a staple at most birthday parties. They simply belong together, it’s a beautiful relationship. Who wouldn’t love a cake stuffed with Oreos?

Cupcakes that have Oreo bases are a great idea as well. For those that want to play a bit with having their cookie and eating it too here are a few ideas for birthday cakes that are sure to please.

Birthday Cake Oreos in Different Styles

Moms and dads will find these cupcakes easy to make and kids will find the rainbow and confetti cake festive. Look for a boxed cake that is a confetti mix and just follow the instructions on the back of the box. Also purchase a box of Oreo cookies that are either chocolate or vanilla but make sure they are double stuffed. Once the mix has been combined, place an Oreo cookie at the bottom of a cupcake paper and then pour batter on top. Bake at the appropriate temperature and time and there’s a quick and easy fun confetti cake and Oreo cookie concoction. Most people will want to use store bought icing and add sprinkles to it to keep with the confetti theme. Top with more sprinkles and another Oreo cookie and the finished product is ready for the kiddos to enjoy.

For something a little more elaborate, try a layered chocolate cake with an Oreo mixture in the center. To make it easier simply purchase a Devil’s food cake mix along with cream cheese, whipping cream, chocolate squares, and of course Oreo cookies. Mix the cake and bake as directed. While the cake is baking mix milk and chocolate or for more creaminess whipped cream. Melt the chocolate and whipped cream in the microwave for a few minutes. Soften the cream cheese and mix it with 2 cups of sugar. Finally blend the chocolate mixture, crumble some Oreos, and the cream cheese mixture together. Spread this mixture on top of one cooled cake layer then place the other layer on top. Now, there’s a treat that’s gooey and delicious Oreo goodness.

Another Oreo birthday favorite that has a few years on it would be the Oreo mixture in cream cheese that is simply used in place of ice cream. Mix the cream cheese, Oreo crumbs, butter, and sugar together gently. Be sure the cream cheese is softened. This can also be used in a fun game for kids that will have both boys and girls at the party. Ask the girls if they want to kiss a boy or eat dirt and in turn as the boys if they want to kiss a girl or eat dirt. When they ask for dirt, simply give them a cupful of the Oreo cream cheese mixture with more crushed Oreos on top. They can now eat dirt instead of kiss their friends.

Birthday Cake Oreos

Try Oreo Cookie Icing

Oreos are great to simply crumble on top of a cake as well or mix into icing. There are so many different ways to incorporate the Oreo cookie into baking. Oreo cookies are also sold in birthday cake flavors. If baking isn’t a strong suit and the cake was catered, just slip some birthday cake Oreos onto the plate with the cake and ice cream. America’s favorite cookie can be a part of the menu no matter what that way.

Oreo cookie icing isn’t difficult to make either. Simply mix milk or cream with powdered sugar for an icing consistency. Add food coloring for the appropriate color needed and then crumble more Oreos. Fold the crumbs in gently and then ice the cake as elaborately or simply as seen fit. Sometimes it’s also easy to just crumble up Oreo cookie into the cake batter and bake it together.

For advanced baking mom

For someone more educated in cake decorating, making an Oreo cake with the Oreo cookie design on the top would be a great idea. Also, this can be a catered theme as well.

The cookie can be drawn or transferred onto the cake be it as shown in the box or simply the cookie itself. Then the cake can be served on a platter with Oreos surrounding it.

Serving Oreo ice cream bars or ice cream in a cup will also keep with the Oreo cookie menu theme as well. These are just simple ideas for those who aren’t as creative as they’d like to be.

Crumbled cookies are easy to add to any dish, icing, or confection and they also simply are good on a platter. Whether an entire cake is baked or simply cupcakes or even sugar cookies with the Oreos crumbled in the batter the birthday boy or girl will have their Oreo fix.

Make sure however to check with parents about any allergies as milk and chocolate allergies are on the rise and everyone will want to enjoy the big day.

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