Birthday Makeovers

by admin on July 2, 2013

Everyone loves to reel refreshed and “done up”, however, it is especially important to have a birthday makeover. If you want to plan a birthday makeover for a friend, be sure to have enough money! These makeovers take quite a bit of money!

If this birthday makeover is a surprise, you may want to be aware of his or her schedule, so that you can properly plan accordingly.

Take the birthday guest to the salon

whether this person is a man or woman, everyone deserves to feel good.

  • Have their nails done – Even men have manicures and pedicures! It is not very noticeable because they are painted clear. Still, this makes even a man feel clean and fresh.
  • Have their hair done – If they want a cut and dye, or just a trim, it will make them feel ready for their birthday party! Before this day, listen to see if they want to get their hair done. This will give you some idea do how much money you will have to spend.
  • Birthday Makeovers

  • Show the facial hair some attention – Yet again, even men have their eyebrows waxed (even though it does not look very good). Women love to get their eyebrows waxed because it shapes their face. You must be very careful when choosing someone to wax though because sometimes eyebrows can turn out very bad! If the person who is waxing is not very experienced, I suggest that you go somewhere different for the eyebrow waxing. You do not want to have your birthday guest show up at his or her birthday party with choppy eyebrows!


Time to take your friend shopping!

  • Buy them new clothes – Everyone loves new clothes! They make you feel good, pretty, handsome, etc. If you have the budget for this special day, it would be spectacular. However, most people do not have the kind of money to turn someone’s wardrobe completely around. If you are in this situation, you can buy him or her some outfits, but not a completely new wardrobe. This will save on money, while making your friend happy!
  • Have their make up done – Most clothing stores have make-up artists working in the store for people that want to have their make up done for special occasions. Many of these places do not require payment, so you could save money doing this!



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