Birthday parties for dogs

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Birthday parties for dogs – Throw a stylish Doggy Birthday Party

Many people see their dogs as family members. Some throw their dogs weddings with the neighborhood pooch. Others throw birthday parties for their favorite pet poodle or mutt.

To some the idea seems silly but for a true pet lover this type of party will be fun and easy to plan. Get thinking creatively, even make a guest list of friends and their dogs, and make cakes for humans and the pups.

Everyone can have a blast and the pooches will have a play date that will leave them running free with their fellow dogs and the wind in their ears.

Birthday parties for dogs

Birthday parties for dogs – easier than you think!

It’s easier to throw a doggy birthday party than one might think. Contact park officials and ask for help with setting up an area that will be just for the dogs and their humans.

Other times dog walking parks will even have party planners or event helpers to add to the day’s festivities. Even a doggy daycare will be a good choice for holding the party. Just remember to think about the human aspect as well and it’s possible the park is the better bet with more freedom for pet and human alike.

There are doggy day spas that are now becoming popular with pet owners when it comes time to pamper their pooch. Usually offering haircuts nail clippings, and styling of the dog’s hair these spas are often great places to host an indoor doggy party. This is best if the weather may be inclement during the winter months. As with a child’s birthday think ahead and plan for most scenarios. If your area receives a lot of snow and ice, think about the indoor party first.

Doggy spas will also be a bit friendlier in case of messes. It is imperative that all owners watch and monitor their pups for any signs of needing a bathroom break and that an area outside be designated for just that purpose. If there are messes be equipped to clean them up and dispose of them properly. Most doggy day spas are not responsible for such messes unless the dog is left in their care and do not provide that service during parties.

Planning Birthday Parties for Dogs

Make sure to plan this party like any other. Send out invitations, make decorations, set up doggy games, and have a menu and dessert ready to go.

Invitations are easy to print out or cut out of card stock:

  • Foot prints or collars are great designs for the invitations.
  • Tennis balls are also great ideas to have printed on invitations since they are sometimes favorite items for chasing.

When setting up decorations it’s best to have a theme.

  • For Dalmatians obviously black and white is a good idea.
  • Poodles can have pastel colored balloons and dog bowls.
  • For Bull Dogs something more butch like a biker theme is always fun.
Tips: Just play around with plates and streamers for the human counterparts invited.

A good gift for all parting guests are collars with their names on them or even dog bowls with names as well. This adds a bit of a personal touch and the guests can use these dishes to eat their doggy cake and ice cream in or for drinking water. It might also be nice to send each guest home with a tennis ball or rawhide chew bone.

Playing games is one of the most fun parts of the party.

  • Have doggy races and see which pooch would be the fastest at catching a ball or stick.
  • Have the humans join in with their pups and race as well maybe see who fetches the best or most quickly.
  • Also have doggy hide and seek and see whose nose is the most sensitive to finding their owner or other humans.
Tips: Make the games human and puppy friendly so that the party makes all feel welcome.

For the menu there are several cake recipes that are specifically for pooches that will keep them from becoming ill from chocolate or too much sugar. Most grocery stores and mega marts will carry dog confection kits or boxed mixes. Some places will also cater a dog cake specifically for a doggy birthday party.

Don’t forget to remember human food as well. Cakes can be baked at home or catered but the owners will probably appreciate some refreshments on the big day themselves.

While unorthodox to some, birthday parties for dogs are not uncommon nor are they considered silly on the whole.

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Many people are finding that it’s really exciting to throw a party for their pooch. Other people like the idea because as far as they are concerned their dog is their child and it’s their way of spoiling their little one for the day. Whatever the reason for the party just make it fun and let the day go to the dogs.

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