Birthday Party Games for Boys

by admin on August 4, 2012

Top 3 Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Boys

Whilst girls tend to like dressing up and sitting down games, boys seem to prefer the more action packed, energy using games which requires them to move around and compete against each other.

Here are a few birthday party games for boys that you could include during your party to keep the children entertained and get some of that excess energy burnt up:
Birthday Party Games for Boys

Balloon Darts

Children have a fascination with blowing up balloons and then releasing them so this activity turns it into a fun filled target game.

One thing to bear in mind is that this game is only suitable for older children who understand the danger of balloons as they are a choking hazard for young children.

Draw a target onto some paper or cardboard and tape to the wall. Make a line on the floor with masking tape approximately 10 metres away from the target and give each player a different colored deflated balloon. Each child then takes a turn to stand with their toes on the line and blow up their balloon. They need to aim at the target and release the balloon and the player who gets the balloon closest to the target wins.

You can have the target on the floor 10 metres away so you can see who lands closest or if the children are older you can have more than one target (e.g. three targets, the big one worth 50 points, medium worth 40 and small worth 30 points) so they can collect points for each one the balloon hits. Each child can then take their balloon home or be given a small token as a prize for participation.

Messy Candy Hunt

Give each participant a paper plate with 10 jelly bean candies on covered with some whipped cream. On a long table, seat the players in a line with their plates and a napkin in front of each one and ask them to keep their hands behind their backs. Without using their hands, they must use their mouths to find the jelly beans and place them on the napkin. Time the game for 5 minutes from the word ‘go’ and the winner is the player with the most candies on their napkin when you shout ‘stop’ at the end of the allocated time.

Funny Spoon Game

This fun party game is always a hit at parties and it always reminds people of the egg and spoon race that they used to play at school. Make a line on the floor using masking tape and put a bucket on the floor on the other side of the room.

Place various spoons of different sizes like a teaspoon, wooden spoon, ladle and serving spoon into a bag (ensure that they are all different and there are enough for each guest). Each player must reach into the bag and select a spoon without looking and this will be the spoon that they will carry the orange to the bucket with.

Give them each an orange and get them to stand behind the line. The aim of the game is to get the orange into the bucket but they are not allowed to touch it once it has been placed on the spoon. Give each child a prize for participating.

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