Birthday Party Places for Kids

by admin on December 11, 2012

Top 10 Best Birthday Party Places for Kids

Birthdays are one of the most important days of the year for children. Parents struggle to make certain the day is special and perfect so that means finding the right theme and party supplies. This also means finding the right location.

Children need activities and places they can feel be free and play without restraint. There are many restaurants and generic locations that cater to children only. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Chuck E. Cheese are just a few names that readily come to mind, but there are other places that may make a great birthday party places for kids that parents may not have heard of.

10: McDonald’s

Though not as popular as it once was in the 1980s and 1990s, McDonald’s still offers a fun and exciting experience for children’s birthday parties. The deposit is usually around $50, and dependent upon location, there is a charge of $5-$15 per child. The activities will differ from location to location as well but most children will receive a happy meal, toy, and McDonald’s provides a birthday cake and many times a clown. When all is said and done parents will have spent around $60-$100 but children will have had a wonderful experience.

9: Pizza Hut

Still considered by many some of the best pizza served Pizza Hut offers a trained party host/hostess that will entertain 10 or more children. Each child will receive a 6’’pizza with one topping, a pasta bowl, or 5 Wing Street wings. The price will be $5.99 per child and they will receive coloring supplies and other activity prizes. Parents must book 10 days in advance.

8: Chuck E. Cheese

In Chuck E cheese, Parents can bring children to the pizza/family fun center and expect great service. There are certain value packs that allow for a certain number of soft drinks, type of pizza, and a number of tokens. With numerous games and activities, soda, and pizza for a menu children will have as much fun as possible.

7: Paint Ball Center

Parents will have to provide the menu themselves and any and all decorations at the building provided. This activity will also be more age appropriate for older children. 200 paint balls are usually provided and the cost ranges from $100-$160 dollars to rent the area and have the time allotted.

6: Bowling

Most bowling alleys will have a food area or parents are welcome to bring their own menu if they consult with management. Bowling 3 lines can vary in cost but should be only about $15-$20 per child. Some places will even provide pizza and soda for the children dependent upon locations.

Birthday Party Places for Kids

5: Roller Rink

Many places again will provide pizza and soda and even a cake. Most children will be able to skate for $11-$15 for around 90-120 minutes. Locations will vary on activities and prices as well as time allotted for an ice skating birthday party.

4: Build a Bear Factory

Located in malls across America, children can build their own bears and the birthday girl or boy can have a special one. While the cost is a bit more than most would want to pay and the guest’s parents may be providing some money to allow their child to build a bear, for a smaller birthday crowd this is the perfect place. Prices start at $10 per child for activities and refreshments.

3: Michael’s Arts and Crafts

For 2 hours parents and their children’s guests are allowed a party host and refreshments and activities. There are numerous crafts available and games for the children to play. Costs start at $7-$10 a child. As a bonus, the party host will clean up afterwards.

2: A Zoo

While parents will be providing their own party favors, activities, and refreshments the zoo is a tried and true favorite of every child. There are family shelters provided at most zoos and the amount of fun to be had is endless. Prices here may keep some families away, but again smaller groups or families will love this as a birthday party treat. The price of entry for children is $5-$15 and for adults $10-$20.

1: A park

The oldest place in the book for a party and in some ways the cheapest, parents will love all of the play equipment that is there to enjoy for free. Providing cake and ice cream on their own won’t be an issue for parents when they see how much fun their children and guests are having. Outdoor fun and a family environment complete this location. Price per child will vary based on menu and size of cake and party activities.

All of these birthday party places for kids in this list are for children ages up to 10 years old. Many of them are often provided a private room for birthday party and also food.

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