Birthday party theme for teens

by admin on November 11, 2012

Some ideas for Birthday party theme for teens

Do you have a teenager aged between 13-18 years? Looking for different ideas on how to celebrate their birthdays and make them special? Listed below are the Top Five popular ideas for birthday party theme for teens.

Being a teenager can be a hard time as your birthday party has to be cool as unfortunately peer pressure is strong at this age more than others. I have included in this list a mix, parties that are great for teenage boys, girls and gender neutral – everything is covered in our top five birthday party theme for teens.

Birthday party theme for teens

Glitz and Glam Teen birthday party

Girls , no matter what age they are love to dress up , they love to have their make-up and hair done and look smashing. This works out cheaper if you have only a small group of girls and if you get them to bring with them $20 each. Take the girls out for a day of pamper.

First by stopping by the local hairdressers and having them do the girls hair into a fancy do, and then if you know someone who is a Make-up artist or great at doing make-up you can have them do the girls faces. Making them look beautiful and feeling Glitz and Glam.

Sports MVP Party

A great birthday party theme for teens especially boys as they seem to be more the sporty type and works awesome if you have a large group is to run a birthday sports themed tournament. If your son is a big cricket player, then organize a game of cricket and then the winning team can win a prize.

Make the birthday party competitive by including other games like Sports Quizzes and other strange and wacky sports games like construct an ice-Cream banana split. Food and Games always go down a treat with the boys and a healthy bit of competition never hurt anyone.

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Lights, Camera and Action

This birthday party theme works for all teens whether they are male and female. Arm the teens with a mission for the duration of the birthday party. The Mission if they wish to accept is to create a movie and everyone has to take part. This will be even more fun if you split the birthday participants into two teams or if you have a large group then say 4-5 to a group. At the end of the birthday party and to help celebrate the completion of the filming of their movies, if possible you can screen them on the TV and show both teams what the other had completed. If they want, they can then burn it onto a DVD and take it home as part of their goody bags.


Jersey Shore Themed Party

Especially with the older teens and even better if it is a nice sunny day, why not head down to the beach and host a Jersey Shore themed party. Have the teens wear their togs , organize a picnic barbeque on the beach and host a game of volleyball and to make it more interesting , why not get them to spend the whole time talking in Jersey Shore lingo. A backpack is someone’s other half and a baba is either a hairdresser.

CSI – Murder Mystery Party

For all those teens that are in love with the hit TV Shows like Criminal Minds, CSI and NCIS, they all adore solving crimes. So why not as a birthday party theme for teens organize a murder mystery and by providing crime made kits and certain clues, have the teens find out who committed the crime and to make it more challenging , a scavenger hunt to find more clues can be made as this will really have them thinking . To make it more personalized to suit your teen, why not choose their favorite celebrity to be the victim.

Parents, just remember that the most important thing when creating your birthday party theme for teens – find something that they love as they will enjoy it more and have fun .

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