Birthdays Party Ideas for Teenage Boys

by Anita Kearney on August 27, 2013


Winter or summer, a birthday party for a teenage boy is not really that hard. Consider this first of all any party where you as the parent will be hovering around the fringes is not going to be much fun for them anyway. At this age they want to seem cool and independent and even if you are having the party in the basement or backyard the best gift you can give the kid is to hang back and let him host his party. Having raised two boys myself I can assure you that you will get into the mom hall of fame if you do.

Teens, boys especially, want to act as grownup as possible in front of their peers. Many will balk at having a formal birthday party, dismissing it as childish and immature. Don’t be hurt by it, just keep reading this article for great ideas that your young man will surely enjoy.

Birthdays Party Ideas for Teenage Boys


Teenaged boys do not care about fancy dishes, they like food and plenty of it. Feeding a hungry bunch of boys is not an easy task. Fancy plates and such are not necessary, serve foods that can be carried in a napkin or in hand. Teens love pizza, hotdogs and hamburgers, just make sure there are at least 3 servings for each guest. If you are partying on a budget it is easier and cheaper to buy frozen pizza in bulk and doctor them up. The boys may even enjoy designing their own pizzas. Provide them with a variety of toppings and let them have it.


This is where you can save big since hats, streamers and noise makers are not something they will want or enjoy. These days most teen boys are into things like video games, action movies, sci-fi or theme parks. They also love hanging out at the pool, a mall or at the beach or lake. If you having the party at your home then decorate the area with items that are from their favorite video game.

Who To Invite

Come to an agreement with your son about the number of people that they will be inviting. Do not force them to invite people that they do not hang with just to appease family and friends of yours. It is also important that the children at the party be around the same age. Younger siblings and cousins should be invited but have something for them to do that will not detract from your son and his friends enjoyment of the day.

Family members can have a sit down with the birthday boy before the party to offer their blessings and give him their gifts.


This is also an area that the two of you can work on together, unless it is to be a surprise party. Decorating is easy for these parties. If they are going co-ed decorate an area that is reminiscent of night club for dancing. Keep everything laidback and as adult as possible. Pool parties work well with a beach theme or even an adventure theme. Try a new take on a whodunit a good game of clue takes little more than imagination.


Solving a mystery is a great theme and the activities of the day should revolve around this. Clues at the scene of the crime, riddles to be solved and props for evidence are all that is needed. Video games are all the rage and some friendly competition could mean hours of fun for your son and his friends. Decide beforehand what games will be played and once the guests arrive team should be chosen. Have one person as the score keeper, winning teams should receive a prize. Another cool activity that the boys will love is to have an assortment of temporary tattoos that they put on each other. These wear off with time or can be removed with soap and water.


If you are not using a DJ ask your child to load his iPod with all the favorite music that he and his friends enjoy. Dancing is one of the highlights of any teen party. Circle games can be fun for a group of teens. Play a game where one person starts with a clap and as they go around the circle each participant must repeat what went before and add something of their own. The fun is when someone forgets the sequence and is out. With the world of video games being so prevalent finding something to keep them occupied will not be all that hard.

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