Black light birthday party

by admin on October 23, 2012

Planning a Black light birthday party for 19 years old boys

For my next birthday party I am going to make it black light themed. It will be for my 19th birthday and I have never been to a club so that is where I will host it. I am going to hire one of my friends as the dj to play rap, techno, dubstep, top 40 hits, and requests.

My invitations will be black with glow-in-the-dark lettering. I will have black lights put up around the club along with strobes, white balloons, and light colored streamers, so that they will show better in the black light. I will send out specially made pink and blue wristbands in each invitation so that my guests will be able to go in and out as they please.

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The wristbands will most likely just be a cheap brand but if money were not an option, I would get them watermarked so I do not have any unwanted visitors. If I cannot do that, another option would be to hire security, if they do not have any already, and discuss with them who is and who is not allowed into my party.

My friends sing so I will have them go onto the stage by the dj and sing happy birthday for me as someone brings out a giant paint splattered themed cake that also glows in the black light. The candles will be the trick candles that are hard to blow out.

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I will have a gift table and open all gifts the next day or after everyone leaves. People leaving my party will receive a specially made t-shirt to remember the night. There will be an area for dancing closer to the dj with more lights. There will be an open bar for the guests that are old enough to drink, and they will be given specially marked wristbands in their invitations instead of the regular pink ones. Their wristbands will be the blue ones. I will also allow each person to bring three of their friends with them.

I have not decided yet, but to do this I will either send extra wristbands in all the invitations or I will just write on the card for them to call me and inform me of who they will be bringing, make sure that that is okay, and then send or hand deliver the extra wristbands to them.

glow in the dark or Black light birthday party

I think it would also be a good idea to hand deliver all invitations. I will have food catered to the club right before the event starts so that my guests can eat in the booths throughout the club whenever they want. There will obviously be pizza there but I have not decided what else.

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I can get opinions from friends to make sure that everyone is pleased. And of course there will be a wide variety of soda to choose from for everyone with pink wristbands and myself. Halfway through my party we will stop the music and watch a video for me that my friend or parents will make with pictures of my childhood up until the party.

The party will end when the club reaches closing time. After that, everyone who is left will have the option to go home or come to my house or a friend’s house for an after party.

Submitted by Tay Leon, Aurora Illinois

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