Block Party Birthday Bash

by admin on January 5, 2013

Block Party Birthday Bash

Birthday parties can be any kind of theme, have any kind of menu, and planned to suit nearly any crowd. So why not make the crowd a bit bigger or make the party a bit more open?

Expand the guest list, invite the neighborhood, make a potluck or simply pool funds together and hire a DJ or a band. Share a big day with neighbors and friends and family and turn the birthday party into something an entire block of people can enjoy.

Plan the party just like a normal block party. In fact if there are neighborhood children that share birthday’s close together make it a double or triple birthday bash. If the entire block is up for the party then money can be pooled together to make the bash even more exciting and fun for adults and little ones. Menus can be bigger, more games and prizes can be purchased, and even live entertainment is a possibility.

Block Party Invitation

Invitations should be fun and festive. Bouncy castles, picnic tables, or huge party hats are good designs for invitations and even place cards for seating if that is desired.

Invite friends that don’t live in the area as well and don’t be afraid to have a large guest list. This time bigger is better as the celebration is including as many people as possible.

Planning Block Party Birthday Bash

Block Party Birthday Bash
Many will immediately think pot luck and that is almost the best way to go. Catering a cake will help if so many are already making menu items.

Have parents of small children bring snacks and meals for kids while other adults should plan a more mature menu. Although sometimes a big barbecue cookout will be a perfect choice if the party is in the middle of the summer.

Don’t stress over the menu as with an entire neighborhood involved everyone will be fed. Just make sure to stick to a theme be it BBQ, light springtime fare, or a fall feast of soups, chili, and beans.

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Block Party Entertainment

Entertainment is the fun part. If there are enough people interested hire balloon entertainers, clowns, or face painters for kids. Rent a bouncy castle or even a small petting zoo for a few hours. This is a group effort and the amount of children at the party will be greater than average. Keeping them busy means the adults can have fun also.

Adults would most likely enjoy a DJ or live band being hired for the day to play music or even comedians for standup routines.

The games should be for adults and children. Children will like obstacle courses, hide and seek, treasure hunts, and bike races. Adults in the same vein will probably enjoy a good treasure hunt, a dancing contest with the DJ or band, and maybe even eating contests.

Make it fun and different hand out prizes like dolls and toy cars to kids. Adults can receive gift cards or even cash for this or that contest.

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Block Party Birthday Cake

When serving the birthday cake make sure it will accommodate as many guests as possible. Have several neighbors bake cakes if people want something more homemade and leave the themes up to them or pool together ideas for one huge theme and two or three large tiered cakes.

Cakes can be separate for adults and children with a castle, sports, or cartoon character theme for children. Adults might like something elegant like gold flecked frosting or more fun like a sparkler cake or elaborately iced confection.

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