Blues Clues Birthday Party Theme

by admin on October 10, 2012

Blues clues birthday party theme

People celebrate birthdays of their kids to make them happy and spent a lot of money on arranging the party. The most important thing that should be kept in mind while selecting the theme for the birthday party is the age of the kid. One of the superb themes for the kids under the age of 12 is blue’s clues birthday party theme. Blue’s clues are very popular and kids love it.

In a birthday party, kids pay a lot of attention on the cake as it is the main thing in a birthday party. Order a cake to a bakery and tell them to cover the whole cake with a cream of light blue color and with dark clue colored dog’s paw print on it.

You can also tell them to make the Blues clues dog on the cake. The blues clues cupcakes can also be made with the paw print on the top, kids love cupcakes so, make them more attractive for them. In the menu, the cake and cupcakes are must.

Blues Clues Birthday Party Decorations

For arranging a party, first of all collect the party supplies and the accessories that are to be used in a birthday party. The party supplies and the decoration pieces for a blue’s clues themed party can be easily purchased from the stores. The plates with the blues clues characters printed on them are perfect for the party.

blues clues birthday party

If a person is not very creative then there are so many party planners and professionals that are ready to help the person. So, there is no need to worry for arranging a birthday party.

For the decoration blue and red colors can be used. The blues clues dog paw is perfect for decorating everywhere at the party place. A great idea for setting the table with the favors on them is to paste blue’s clues themed wall paper on the wall and decorates the entire place with red colored balloons. You can decorate all the things with blue and red.

Blue’s clues themed birthday party hats are also available in the market. Balloons can be tied on the gifts to make these look attractive. As a centerpiece you can use blue’s clue themed birthday cake. To make the party fun you can serve blue’s clues themed lollipops to the guests. These lollipops can also be given as favors to the kids.

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Amazing blue’s clues themed crayons and writing pads are also available in different colors and sizes, these are best favors a birthday party.Another thing for giving as favor is the cookies with the blues clues paw design; these can be in blue and pink color.

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