Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on August 23, 2012

If you are looking for a theme that is great for either gender and does not revolve around a television programmed or character, then the bowling theme may be ideal for your birthday party:

Bowling Birthday Party Invitations

Cut a bowling pin shape out of colored card or paper and stick a contrasting stripe or ribbon along the neck of the pin (for example a white pin with red stripe).

Write your party details onto here for a simple yet informative card. Alternatively, glue the pin onto a contrasting colored card and cut out four 1 inch circles from different colored card.

Stick these under the pin next to each other and write one letter on each circle so that it spells ‘B O W L’. Underneath or at the back, write an invite using bowling related terms like ‘We hope that you can SPARE the time to STRIKE up lots of fun at _____’s Birthday!

Bowling themed birthday party invitation template 1

Bowling themed birthday party invitation template 2

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Tips: If you are holding the party at a bowling alley, have brightly colored t-shirts made (or make your own) with iron on transfers for each guest so that you can recognize your party guests immediately even if there are lots of other visitors.


Games for Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

Start off with a regular game of bowling to get the children warmed up and then make them play a game of crazy bowling. In a bag, place some cards with various instructions of different ways to bowl (I.e. using the left hand, on tiptoe, between the legs, balancing on one foot etc.) so the children can pick one and have fun bowling in unusual ways.

Other games that you can play at home after bowling or if you are holding the party at home are:

bowling birthday party

  • What’s in the bag memory game – Place various items in a real bowling bag like bowling shoes, ball, glove, score-sheet, chalk, wristband etc. Wait thirty seconds and then get the children to write down what was in the bag. The one who remembers the most items wins a small prize. You could also remove one item, then empty the bag and see if anyone can remember what has been taken away.
  • Bowling relay – Split the group into a few teams. Make two lines on the floor using sticky tape about 5 meters apart (more or less depending on available space) and place 6 bowling pins on the far end for each team. They need to go one at a time and bring a pin back using knees or elbows (no hands allowed) until all the pins are with the team. Set the pins up and the first team to bowl a strike wins.
  • Speed bowling – Compete to see which team can set up and knock over the most number of pins within a 2 minute time limit.
Favors and decorations for Bowling Birthday Party Ideas


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