Bratz birthday party theme

by admin on October 2, 2012

Planning a Bratz birthday party theme

Different people have different ways of celebrating their birthday. It is the most special day for everyone that comes only once around a year. Girls today love bratz. Before the arrival of bratz in the market, Barbie controlled the market. Bratzare four dolls and their names are cloe, shasha, jade and yasmin.

Bratz are beautiful girls with big eyes. A bratz birthday party is all about girls. For girls, a birthday party with the theme of Bratz is the best. It is so popular that a person can easily create his/her own party plan by bratz party supplies and decorations.

Bratz birthday themes are incredibly popular fashion nowadays.The best colors are pink, purple, silver and golden. All of these colors when combined will create a great color scheme.

bratz birthday party

Bratz birthday party decorations

For a Bratz themed party you can use balloons of pink and purple color, make ribbons curtains for gate and can put a pink colored table cloth on the table. Bratz themed plates,cups,napkins,tissue papers and spoons can also be used for the parties which are easily available at the stores. Put bunches of bratz themed colored balloons all the four corners and hang them on the walls. You can put some Bratz toys and items on the table for decoration.


A disco ball and lots of mirrors would be around for fun. Girls can use feather and pretty pink jewelry for dressing.You can spread some items like nail polish, glitter, posters and accessories around the house which are related to the bratz.

You can paste bratz posters pictures and cards on the walls.You can glitter the rooms with the Bratz glittery lights, the lights make the room look attractive. The entire house can be decorated with bratz decorations.

Bratz birthday party theme is perfect for watching Bratz movies or play Bratz video games. For making the birthday party interesting, a person can arrange video games for the girls so, they can enjoy the party. If your daughter loves bratz series of toys and collectibles then you must know how excitement and fun it could be for her. You can either print free invitations for her and invitations with Bratz stickers on them.


The pink color invitations attract the girls. Purchase the Bratz decorations and all the things which are to be used for party. You can also use Bratz printable party supplies.It is all about being girly and fashionable. On your daughter’s birthday, plan her birthday party with Bratz theme; your daughter will surely love this. The Have fun and don’t forget to take lots of photos to make every moment memorable.

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