Bug Birthday Party

by admin on October 18, 2012

Bug birthday party

is a great theme for your kids.

Bug birthday Invitations:

For the invitations, you can send out emails that have dancing or creeping lady bugs. For hand delivered invitations, get some from the local stores that are shaped like bees or lady bugs.

Bug birthday Food:

You can get Kebler bug bites. These are crackers that are shaped liked little bugs. Try serving them with a sweet lime dip. It adds a lovely twist to the flavor.

For cake, if you are planning to make the cake yourself, Betty Crocker’s website has helpful videos on how to make different cakes such as the inch worm cake. It has an easy to follow step by step instructions on how to make an inch worm cake. A chocolate inch worm cake with butter cream frosting sticks is a great cake. You can also make some dirty cup cakes that have gummy worms to further bring out the bug birthday party theme.

Bug birthday party food ideas

Bug birthday party Decorations:

Since it’s a bug birthday party, the decorations should be about bugs. You can incorporate a garden theme to give the party an outdoor feel.

To do this, hang butterfly lady bugs as well as bees from the ceiling. On the stair banister, stick some colored butterflies with hot glue to make the theme more colorful. You can also buy a balloon that has a Mylar bee. Add other types of balloons that have bugs such as bees and butterflies.

For a free bug birthday party decorations you can go here. Just download and print.

Bug Birthday Party Activities and Games:

To maintain the bug theme and still make the party more interesting for the kids, you can get affordable plastic bags that have handles of different colours.


  • Bug is not always hub with ladybug. You can get other character instead of ladybug
  • For your gate try to arrange balloon so it will looks like a caterpillar
  • Great for outdoor theme birthday party

Put a sticker on each one of them. Let the name of each child be written on the stickers. Let the girls’ stickers be of dragon flies, butterflies or ladybugs and have colours such as pink, yellow, lilac and any other colour that the girls might fancy. You can get stickers with spiders, bees or even grasshoppers for the boys. Let their bag handles be of different colours such as red, dark green or deep blue.

bug birthday quote

Buy some creepy plastic bugs and hide them all around the house. The kids can look for the bugs and put them in the fancy plastic bags. The kids who have collected the most bugs should be given prizes. You can have a winner, first and second runners up.

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For those kids who need to burn off some energy, you can put up a bouncing castle outside that is decorated with bees, dragon flies, lady bugs and grass hoppers.

If possible hire someone who can face paint the kids. The kids can get paintings of bees, spiders or any other bug that they fancy.

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