Build a Bear Birthday Parties

by admin on November 28, 2012

Build a Bear Birthday Parties – The birthday of your child is fast approaching. You want to make this important day extra special for him or her. You want it to be a unique and unforgettable experience not only for your kid but also for his or her little friends as well.

Guess what? There’s no need to delve into a lot of options. There is a great party treat that might be just what you are looking for. It’s the Build a Bear birthday parties!

Build a Bear birthday parties are fun-filled occasions the highlight of which is that the birthday celebrant and the guests are made to choose a bear that they want so that they can build one for themselves.

Some of the cool stuff

Build a Bear Birthday Parties

  • They have a party host which will entertain the kids and guide them through each part of the process.
  • There are lots of positive reviews about their service.
  • The best one is that the celebration would be hassle-free for the parents.
  • The staff of Build a Bear will get things done for you. It includes giving you a customizable template for the invitation cards, a decorated private party room, a party coordinator that will arrange the revelry, a themed cake of your choice, and fun giveaways for the kids.

Build a bear workshop is one of the best Birthday Party Place for Kids. However, you cannot bring food and drinks to the party. Most parents who have availed of their party service continue the celebration at home, at fast food chains or at restaurants so that the kids can eat and bond more with their new furry friend.

Build a Bear Birthday Party Cost

How much will it cost you? That will probably be the first question to enter your mind. Well, the total will depend on how many guests you are planning to invite. Basically you can set the price of your own.

You have to pay a minimum of $10 for each child’s bear. If you want clothes and accessories for the bears, then you have to pay an additional, which depends largely on how much you are willing to budget for each child.

However, you cannot invite less than six guests. For their scheduled parties, Build a Bear requires you to have 6 or more guests. When you reserve online, they will require you to make a deposit. For more information on their fees, you can visit their website. Feel free to do so! They will be very happy to accommodate your inquiries.

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Build a bear birthday party reviews

Build a Bear birthday parties will surely be a good choice in turning your child’s birthday party into a one-of-a-kind experience for him or her. They will have plenty of fun stuffing their hallow bears and bringing it to life. The shop will even provide a birth certificate once your child is done with making his or her own bear, using the name your kid will give it. Imagine the delight in your son or daughter’s eyes as she beholds her very own cuddly toy!

Of course, before you do book for one, tell it to your child beforehand. Ask him or her what he or she thinks of your plan. The most important thing in the world is for your child to love the idea of it! But if you want it to be a huge surprise, just make sure that your child loves teddy bears. Though mostly all of them love this cute stuff, it is wiser to be sure.

Build a Bear Birthday Parties Supplies

Build A Bear workshop party supplies

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