Butterfly Birthday Cakes Suggestions

by admin on June 22, 2013

We often think of birthday cakes shaped into different objects to make them look cool and fun. But have you thought of having a birthday cake shaped and designed like a butterfly? I know most girls will love this idea since butterflies are more on the feminine touch kind of insect. But how do we make it?

Here are some of the butterfly birthday cakes suggestions that can help you make one.

#1 butterfly birthday cake suggestion

  • You first bake a cake in a 12×2 inch cake pan.
  • After it has cooled, you cut the cake in half right down the middle of it.
  • Then switched the two halves and the rounded part will be put in the middle.
  • You need to cut a piece from the rounded part about 3 inches from the bottom.
  • Then separate the small piece from the big piece so this will be the wings of the butterfly.
  • Then use blue frosting for all the pieces.
  • For its body, use green sour string candy for the butterfly body and stack this on top of each other.
  • To make the butterfly’s antenna, cut one inch down the middle of one of the piece previously stacked.

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

#2 butterfly birthday cake suggestion

A much simpler one to make a butterfly birthday cake is this: You just need to bake a cake from Wilton Cake pan. Then use pipe cleaners for the butterfly’s antenna. Then just decorate it further to have it looked like a butterfly.

#3 butterfly birthday cake suggestion

Another suggested way to make a butterfly birthday cake is:

  • Bake two round cakes and cut them in half
  • Design them to look like the butterfly’s wings
  • Then just mix icing with pre-mixed whipped frosting and concentrated food coloring to icing the butterfly cake.
  • The wings are then decorated with colored marshmallows.
  • You can also add colored sprinkles to make the wings more colorful and artistic.
  • Also, you can use Smarties candies for the butterfly’s body and white yogurt with raisins for the frame of the butterfly.
  • Or for the body of the butterfly, you can use pink snowball cake while for the antenna you can use a red rope candy

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#4 butterfly birthday cake suggestion

  • You can also make butterfly deigns out of royal icing and fondant and glue them on a regular birthday cake.
  • You need to bake two cakes, one big round cake and another in a 9×9 square pan.
  • After both of the cakes had cooled, cut the 9×9 cake in half and put it in the middle of the serving tray because this will serve as the body of the butterfly.
  • Then cut the round cake in half as well and angle the two cut halves at the sides of the cut 9×9 cake to serve as the wings of the butterfly.
  • Then just decorate the butterfly cake with butter cream frosting of different pastel colors.
  • And lastly, for the butterfly’s antenna, you can use a shoestring licorice and curl it.

Be creative, the ideas are endless. You can search on the net for some of the pictures. I have done this and I found several amazing designs and I thought I can share with you.

Top 5 Butterfly Birthday Cakes That I like:

Butterfly Birthday Cakes2

A super easy to make! You can read the recipe here easy-cake-ideas.com.

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

Love the color! Made from BettyCrocker. You can click the link to find the recipe and print it.

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

If you want to learn how to make fondant butterfly then this is the place. Learn from glorious treats

butterfly birthday cakes

Buy this cute butterfly cake with caterpillar also from erivana cakesButterfly Birthday Cakes

Simple yet creative idea for butterfly birthday cakes. Check out this blog snackpicks.com for how to make it.

Efforts are really needed just to make one. But thinking that you are doing this to make someone’s birthday a memorable and special one, all of your efforts and time in baking and decorating will be washed away once that someone who will be celebrating his or her birthday gives you a lovable hug and warm smile.

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