Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cakes

by admin on July 28, 2013

When you are throwing a birthday party for a little boy, several ideas run through your head. You may not know what you should decide on. Well first, you should think of what this little boy’s theme should be. Think of what characters, television shows, etc. that he likes.

The cake is very important! If you decided on a “Toy Story” themed birthday party, you will of course need to have a Buzz Lightyear cake!

You can do several things with a Buzz Lightyear cake! You could choose to make the cake Buzz Lightyear’s head, or you could do a complete spaceship! For an easier Buzz Lightyear birthday cake, you can print the image onto a cake. This way is not as fancy as making an entire Buzz Lightyear head; however, it is still creative if you choose the proper image!

Other than printing images or making a Buzz Lightyear head-shaped cake, you could make the cake Buzz Lightyear themed; however have Buzz flying or “zapping” something with this laser! For example, write in icing “Happy Birthday”, and have Buzz Lightyear zapping a letter on the birthday cake. This will make the cake exciting and creative!

Decorating Buzz Lightyear’s face perfectly in icing can be very tricky. If you are going to make a Buzz Lightyear shape, you may want to take the cake to a cake decorator! If you are drawing a design with words, then you can probably do it yourself.

Another idea for this Buzz Lightyear cake is to make the cake batter, bake the cake in whatever shape you want (whether you just make a circle, square, or a Buzz Lightyear head shape), and then cut out fondant and place on this cake. You can make any shape you want out of fondant! You could make star shapes, or shapes for Buzz Lightyears’ buttons. Remember to make fondant shapes for Buzz Lightyear’s face, his eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth, earplugs, and do not forget about his swirly hair on his chin!

Decorating the edges and sides of the cake will give the cake that finished look that will make this birthday boy feel extra special!

Here are several Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cakes Designs that I think very creative


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buzz lightyear birthday cakes

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