Camping birthday party for 14 years boy

by admin on November 7, 2012

The theme is Camping birthday party. My birthday party plan was for my 14 year old brother. We had the party literally in the middle of the woods at the Delaware water gap. We sent regular invitations, nothing special there.

The idea of the party was to take him camping and fishing which he loves more than anything. So without telling him I invited a few of his closest friends and of course family.

On the day of the camping trip I told him I needed his help doing something at my place that I could not do on my own.

We got in the car and drove to the water gap. Immediately he was suspicious knowing that I did not live that far away. When we go to the campsite everybody was already there.

We had a cake and snacks and presents (all in the middle of the woods.)

Not much we could do as far as decorations but we did make signs and post them all over his brand new tent. Right outside the tent was the new fishing gear I got him for his birthday with a note attached that read: “IF YOU WANT TO EAT TONIGHT I SUGGEST YOU GET DOWN TO THE RIVER BIRTHDAY BOY”.

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So even though we brought snacks and things to munch on i made it so that the only dinner we would be eating that night would be what ever we were able to catch, clean, and cook over an open fire. We all headed down to the river and luckily we caught a good amount of fish(enough to feed 12 people).

The entire birthday dinner main course was fish that was caught by my brother and his friends. After fishing i taught my brother how to properly clean his catch along with his friends. This i believe may have been a mistake…lol.

Although we got through it and we had food to eat it turned into quite a mess. Teenagers, knives, and things to carve up, may not have been my best idea.

They were all a bloody mess and had to jump into the river to clean up. Then of course we got rid of all the traces of blood due the fact that there is beard in the wooes. Afterward we all gathered around the fireplace while I instructed my brother on how to make a fire.

He did it and we all cooked our own fish on the fire. The idea for the party was to celebrate his birthday doing something he loved to do and to teach him something at the same time. We all had a blast and they cannot wait until next year!

Submitted by Gregory Patterson

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