Camping Birthday Party

by admin on August 25, 2012

Camping Birthday Party Ideas

Another theme that you can use that will make your child’s party stand out from the other children’s birthday bashes (especially if you are an outdoors orientated family) is the camping theme.

It does not have to be a tent-based sleepover if you do not want the hassle of arranging an overnight party and it could be a day camping birthday party instead:

When the guests arrive, they can be greeted by someone at a registration desk, fill in an official looking form and make a name tag while waiting for the others to arrive. They can then choose between a few craft tables that you have set up before hand.

Camping Birthday Party Activities


    • Decorate a camp hat – Have a pile of plain white cheap cotton caps and let the children decorate them using stick-on jewels and fabric markers.


  • Make a creepy crawly – Have templates of a bugs head, abdomen and thorax ready so children can trace or draw round them and cut them out. They can then stick them together and add legs, wings, antennae and decorations as they wish.

camping birthday party

Once the children have made their crafts, lead them into a freestanding tent in the garden or one that you have made in the house using black cloth draped over chairs. Have a paper camp fire in the middle that they can sit around, turn out the lights and read them a camping story using the light of a flashlight.

After the story is finished, throw some rubber bugs into the tent and give each child the flashlight so they can search for bugs and then once their time is up or they have collected a certain number of bugs (e.g. 3) then they can give the light to the next child and come out of the tent.


Give them each a bag with their name on it for their bugs and collect them so they can take them home later. For lunch, they can have hotdogs and chips with toasted marshmallows for dessert.

Finally, to work off their food, they can go on a “jungle run” where they have to form a line and do an obstacle course including tasks like jumping over logs (pillows), ducking under branches (tubes of paper), slithering like snakes under some netting, sleeping like bears until the count of 5, running fast like cheetahs between two lines, growling like lions and hopping like frogs from lily to lily (paper circles).

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