Camping Birthday Trip

by admin on October 20, 2012

Camping Birthday Trip – This birthday party would be for an 18 year old. My birthday party idea would be for a group of people to go out into the mountains and have a camping trip.

Finding a camping site that is safe and fun. One that allows campfires and maybe even has a pool. I would advise it to be a camping site that doesn’t have any cabins or bathrooms but one that requires you to bring a tent and sleeping bag and a roll of toilet paper.

The group of friends should drive to the camping site together in one or two cars. On the car ride up everyone should be enjoying themselves and listening to music and laughing. The car ride up should be a fun experience. When you get to the camping site unpacking the car(s) and setting up the tents and just getting prepared for the night. The night should consist of many different events.


Cooking dinner should be one of them. For dinner it would be easy to just bring some hot dogs and cook them on sticks over the camp fire. Bring bottles of water would be the best way of bringing drinks so that you can stay hydrated. For snacks you could bring chips, cookies, and just easy things that you don’t have to cook. For later in the night you should make smores over the camp fire also. This is a camping classic, everyone enjoys making them.

When it gets dark you could play some games in the dark. A game you could plat in the dark would be flash light tag. Make sure everyone brings a flashlight with working batteries.

During the day before it gets dark you could play capture the flag or you could go on a hike in a group to make the day time go by faster. Come up with different team games that you and the group of people you go with could do. Just so you are not bored and looking for things to do when you get there.

When you are hanging out around the camp fire you could tell scary stories, or funny ones if someone is afraid. When it comes to bed time everyone should just go into their tents and sleep. Maybe someone will wake up in the morning with a prank done to them. You would never know. In the morning you should go to village inn or maybe ihop to get some breakfast. This is so that you don’t have to bring something to make for breakfast to the camping site.

Submitted by Marisa Williams

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